“Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord. To write the same things again is no trouble to me, and it is a safeguard for you.” – {Philippians 3:1}

CHOOSE to rejoice in The LORD!  The follower of Christ can do so because of the relationship they have been brought into by God. “In the LORD” is the sphere of reason to rejoice, due to this relationship with Him! He could have said “rejoice” but he doesn’t. He connects it with the Person of Christ! It is not based on circumstances that are favorable, with an outburst of delight based on favorable “happenings,” but  based on a supernatural delight in a Person, that is empowered by  the Holy Spirit who gives the power to obey the command to choose to delight “In the Lord!”   There is a difference between “happiness” and “Joy?” “Happiness”{happenstance} is dependent on favorable circumstances,which are reason for exuberant feelings. Joy is dependent on a Relationship with God through Jesus Christ independent of circumstances!  It is based on spiritual realities. It is based on truth, His Word,including  God is Sovereign, in control of all things!

“Rejoicing” is independent of “happy’ circumstances, events, as it is the Gift of God and empowered by God to delight, be glad “In the LORD.” Paul was incarcerated, had envious preachers, and yet his delight, gladness, delight, joy is ‘in the LORD.”- {Read Philippians and note the word, rejoice, joy, delight and see what reasons he gives for you, the believer to rejoice, be glad, delight in!}

Choose to “Rejoice in the LORD,” because you have the power to, and He is worthy of your focus and praise! In His Love, He has supplied the way for your spiritual stability,”Rejoice in the LORD…it is a safeguard for you.” The word,”safeguard,” refers to something that keeps you from stumbling, tripping over, overcome, thrown down, fall. It refers to that which keeps you secure, safe from stumbling and falling!Rejoicing is God’s means to keep your morale up, and from stumbling from legalism, for it keeps Him before you! It is a confidence built on trust of who He is. It is a supernatural delight in Him, empowered by the Holy Spirit-{Read Gal 5:22; Phil 2:13}. Rejoice, is a command, a conscious choice and we are to do so consistently, habitually as your way of living, continually to “do this… habitually {the way it is written grammatically;imperative mood- DO THIS, present imperative,habitually follow this command.} “Rejoice in the LORD…ALWAYS.” {Phil 4:1}. Rejoice  in Him- His Person. Rejoice He is LORD over Creation, Salvation, Eternal Destination, circumstances. He is in Control. Focus on Him. By faith, you can apply and choose to “Rejoice in the LORD.”  Delight in Him. How can you?


You have the POWER to Choose to Rejoice – in the LORD {Phil 2:13}

You have a PERSON to choose to Rejoice in – The LORD

You have PROMISES, to choose to Rejoice in – from The LORD

You have the PRIVILEGE to choose to share with others.

PURPOSELY Choose now three truths about the LORD to rejoice in.

 “…It is no trouble for me to write the same things to you again, and it is a safeguard for you” Note the ministry of repetition, “It is no trouble to write the same things to you again…” at times we need to be reminded or to remind others…”Rejoice in the Lord…it is a Safeguard for you.”

PLAN  to take a verse, memorize it. Choose who and what you will think on! His Word is filled with “Fuel,” for rejoicing in the LORD!