I had a call from a friend today who is in a difficult place and he had shared his observations about the man who was beaten, left to die and in the ditch. {Luke 10:29-37 }- and people who saw him walked by him. They had the opportunity to help but they chose to walk away, on the other side. He remarked how people will walk around you, walk by you, knowing you are in the ditch – and he ended the conversation with a prayer “Lord send a good Samaritan!”- It caused me to remember the words of a dear old saint, who said “It is often those you minister most to who show the least appreciation.” The dear man who had called me, has ministered much to people, extravagantly so with time, resources and with a huge heart of love. The blessings of trials is you see God raises up a good Samaritan and it is often not in the form of who you would expect. Why is this? He is not like those who know of the need, see the need, can meet the need but make a conscious deliberate choice not to help! The LORD loves you. And He will get someone to you. Their missed opportunity to express love does not nullify His concern for you. Others knowing of your being in the ditch, have no genuine or compassionate concern- But He does, and He will send someone to you who reflects His heart!

An elderly Scottish man once said, “Show me a man’s compassion and I will show you his usefulness.” It is often in the trial, true friends are revealed. It was a stranger who ministered to the one in the ditch. God sent a good Samaritan. Others had the opportunity, but they chose to walk by. They chose not to get involved. The sad thing? They had come from the place of worship. But their “worship” had no effect on their life! As a result they were not affected with their concern for the person in obvious need! But their indifference did not hinder God from sending someone to help- it never does! While some walked by on the other side of the road, DELIBERATELY. One man walked TOWARDS the man “in the ditch,” to help.

“We know love by this, He laid down His life for us and we ought {obligated} to lay our lives down for one another.if you see your brother in need and close your heart, how can you say the Love of God is within you? Let us not love in word or tongue… but in deed and truth.” {I John 3:16-18}. We all walk… we all observe… we all make choices..Some walk away, some walk around gazing, some walk towards ,with the compassion of Jesus. God is the source of help for the one in the ditch. He will get someone to them…who reflects His heart of compassion to help the one in the ditch!

Do you walk by people in the ditch or do you walk towards them with the love and compassion of Christ!

Who Can You Choose To Help Who Is In Need Today?