The Bible teaches the purpose of our mind is to … Love God… And so we can see an attack on the mind of individuals including His people is the two prong attack to distract us from devotion to loving God and living moment by moment relating all to Him and deriving Hope in the midst of what are at times life’s difficulties. The two prong attack is not new. It’s a battle that goes on in the mind’s of people throughout the ages. The evil one shoots, what Ephesians 6 call, “fiery darts.”

 1.- FEARS OF THE FUTURE; – Thoughts that seek to inject fears. Fears of the future, the  “What if’s.” ” What if…things don’t turn out. “ What if… We fail.”  “What if…” the list is endless of future fears is something the evil one seeks to inject into our mind so as not to live in the NOW! Another way the evil one seeks to occupy and distract our minds from loving God is to be taken up with thinking about…

2.- FAILURES OF THE PAST. – So the two prong attack is fears of the future and failures of the past and the purpose is all to keep you from living in the,  “NOW,” Looking away to Jesus . If you are fishing and catching fish you do not change your bait if you are catching fish, why not? Because it works! Neither will the evil one if he is ” catching” you through shooting thoughts of Fears of the Future Or Failures of the Past and you CHOOSE to embrace them! It’s Time to cut “bait!” Don’t worry about the future. God’s grace is present tense- moment by moment grace! Don’t live thinking on the failures of your past there is no future there. His cleansing blood has taken care of the past so you may be taken up with preoccupation of Him! To choose to live in the fears of the future is to invite anxiety into your present. To live in the failures of the past is to invite despair to overwhelm your present… now. Who in their right mind would CHOOSE To live there in their thinking? WE DO!! Why? Because we choose to!!

3. – FOCUS ON THE PERSON– Focus on the LORD Jesus{Heb 12:2}. Choose to live in the now. Living in the NOW looking away to Jesus, seeking first as the priority of your life the kingdom of God knowing He is faithful. He had never failed to keep a promise and He will not begin with you!Feed you mind on His Word.

* Rest in His love for you
* Rejoice in the Lord’s faithfulness
* Recognize and reject YIELDING to the FEARS OF THE FUTURE and on THE FAILURES OF THE PAST!

* Live in the Now…THINKING ON JESUS CHRIST, His person, His promises and be about His business Now! Kingdom Business  – Matthew 6:33!

{From The Message,”Fear’s Of The Future, Failures Of The Past.” }