The life of faith is not easy at times, it is a great undertaking to trust in Him, when we lose focus and instead focus on our circumstances, “feelings,” and lean to our own understanding and exclude Him from the equation, often resulting in confusion, panic and poor choices! We are called to trust in Him who is unseen, but who makes Himself known to us in His Creation and His Word. Faith is personal trust in a Person, not a movement or monument, or a religion, but in the LIVING, LORD God. His Word, His promises! His faithfulness. Your failures do nor define you or cause Him to discard you, or disown you. For Love never fails, never decays as a leaf does which falls off a branch to the ground. God is love. Abraham failed to trust Him at times, “But God…” developed his faith through displaying His faithfulness to him to such an extent in Genesis 22 he believed through obedience to Him in his willingness to offer Isaac. God provided for him. Moses failed to trust him, yet God used him. Jacob the swindler, who once sought to manipulate God and use people for his own benefit, we find in Hebrews 11 worshiping God, blessing others and was in the “Hall of faith.” Transformed by His grace. Men of faith, who experienced failures, sin along the way but experienced the faithfulness of God who undertook for them with His love! David, had many failings, sin, and yet we read he was a man after God’s own heart. He had confessed and repented of sin and began a fresh. Yes, there were consequences,”But God…” found a man whose heart was towards Him. Your failures need not define you. It is not living in past failures but in the present with a Faithful Shepherd and lover of your soul. Failure is a part of the life of faith, learning it never works to trust in ourselves, but learning to trust in Him who is always faithful, even when we fail! Faithful Love, His is! His love draws our heart to Him.Who can or does love us like Him! We get in trouble when we choose not to focus on Him but circumstances, feelings, as thought they have the final say and not Him. Be encouraged with His promise to you.”He who began a good work in us will complete it” – {Phil 1:6} He keeps all His promises, for HE is faithful!  The life of faith is, ever living to lean and trust in the FAITHFUL ONE. Feed your faith with His Word and Focus on HIM.

The life of faith is not always easy, indeed at times it is gloriously hard, but you  get to know Him better, along the way!