1. – “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING”– 1 Thess 5:17. “Without ceasing” was used to speak of “a hacking cough” that regularly interrupted. Our days are to be regularly interrupted with prayer to God regarding, people, circumstances, Praise to Him, that cross our mind. God and people conscious are the “fuel,” for our interruptions to speak to Him about!Someone comes to mind, Pray to Him. You see something to cause Prayer for someone else. You see something beautiful, praiseworthy, pray to Him. Ask the LORD to remind you throughout the day to interrupt your thinking so as to shoot up prayers to Him. Like a “hacking cough,” cause us to regularly clear our throat, so too is praying without ceasing . Regular interruptions throughout our day and at times, during the ¬†night. Have you ever ¬†woke up thinking of someone? It is a call to pray. Ever woke up worried about something? Pray about it. Speak to HIM and release it to Him, to undertake for the matter. Praying without ceasing is a privilege, afforded through the cross of Christ!

2. – “PRAY and.. NOT TO LOSE HEART.” -Luke 18:1. The alternative to believing prayer is to “Lose heart, faint spiritually.” In the physical realm to faint is to lose consciousness. In the spiritual realm it likewise weakens us and we lose perspective, and become disheartened. Prayer is not an option but a necessity, a life line for the believer. When we get away from prayer we can be sure self sufficiency will spiral us down to lose heart. Prayerlessness is sin. Prayerlessness in the spiritual realm is what gravity is in the physical, it pulls you down and leaves you there, discouraged, despondent, disheartened! Prayer is its anti-dote!

3. – “PRAY Continuously WITH… an ATTITUDE of THANKSGIVING “ – Col 4:2. Thanksgiving enables us to stay “alert” in our praying and is an attitude of gratitude to be cultivated. In The book of Colossians Paul gives seven reasons He is thankful to God for, such as the fruit the believers are manifesting in chapter 1. Thanksgiving to the Father for His Salvation. Chapter 2 for the Savior. Chapter 3, Thanksgiving for the Peace of Christ. Thanksgiving in Song to the Lord. Thanksgiving to Him for the ability to do our work for Christ. Chapter 4- Thanksgiving enables us to “stay alert,”and devote ourselves to prayer.

Pray …without ceasing
Pray… don’t lose heart
Pray…with thanksgiving