” Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”- Joshua 1:9

Conflict In The Will of God Is To Be Expected; Three times in the chapter Joshua is told ” be strong, be courageous do not be afraid ( the word means “terrified”) do not be discouraged.” The two prong attack is “fear and discouragement!” Both attacks to the mind to influence the emotions and will!

Note, In The Conflict…

1.- THE PREVIOUS LORD; Joshua was told three times BEFORE he went forth into the unknown . The Lord has prevision and makes Provision for him and you! He is never taken off guard or surprised. He knows the end from the Beginning. He is all knowing, all powerful, He is always in calm control, all things in subjection ultimately to Him. He is not bound by time. He is eternally in control all things culminating at His feet. His being previous should help us to be calm. We have not arrived here to find He is taken unaware or scrambling to somehow make something work as though in an emotional tizzy trying to react to what is happening! We know that is not true, don’t we, but we often live as though it is “true!”  How often you will hear a message, recall a verse before you go into conflict, be it temptation or something new. As He made preparation for Joshua, so He does so for you! Comfort yourself He is Previous, He has Pre-vision and He makes Provision!

2.- THE PROVISION OF POWER; to Obey comes with the instruction. The Power, to be strong and be courageous and the power to choose not to yield to the evil one’s temptation of fear and discouragement. He would not have been commanded so if he was not given the power to carry out His command. The conflict is real, the Commander In Chief is in Control! And He empowers us for what He calls us to be and do in the place He has us

3.- THE PROMISE; “I will be with you wherever you Go.” How wonderful there is a promise wherever you go, whatever conflict you find yourself in, you find you are not alone. He is present with you ! It is not a matter of “feeling” His presence but of assurance because He had said “I will be with you, wherever you go.” Think on that!

He Himself is Previous, Providing and Present with you in the conflict. You are Never Alone!

{From the Message, “Never Alone” }