How do you look away to Jesus? Luke 24:27,31 tells us how.

Jesus having been raised from the dead sought out two despondent followers and He opening their mind to know Him and understand the Scriptures, “Beginning with Moses and the prophets He revealed HIMSELF in ALL the Scriptures.” Looking Away to Jesus in and through His Word to know Him! How easy it is to fall into a habit of reading for the sake of reading and being able to say, that you have read the Bible that day, and able to check it off your list! It is possible to read it and miss Him! The pages of Scripture are given to help us know the God of the Scriptures! If you drive into the state of Georgia in the USA, you can often be greated with a sign welcoming you to the state and it says, “Welcome to Georgia, Georgia on your mind.” Well, the disciples could not get Jesus off their mind and they spoke of him and over six hundred times mention Him in the Gospels. They had Jesus on their mind. If you begin to read the Gospels and underline in each chapter what does it say about Him, you will find you are not reading for reading sake, but reading by faith, to Know Him better.

When you read, look  to Him, Look for Him. George Mueller used to say he read until he got his “soul happy ” in the LORD. What he meant  was he would read until a verse caught his attention and his soul was delighted. The Spirit of God delights to reveal Jesus Christ to us through His WORD. Look to Him. It’s not “speed dating,” where you try and get through as musch as possible, and then check off your list, if thats your goal, can you be surprised you come up empty? It’s only the grace of God, He meets us, in such times. But we must not ignore Him when reading to get through some assignemnt, as it were. Take time, if a verse speaks to your heart, stop, meditate upon it.What does it say about Him. What would He have you know of Him, do , not do, trust Him for, rest in Him. Look to Him, Look for Him in His Word. Pray and ask the LORD to make Himself known to you from His Word. His delight will be to do so, as He did for the two disciples on the road to Emmaues, so he willl reval himself to you from His Word. The response? Their “hearts burned” to such an extent that they had to tell others of Him! He revealed HIMSELF to them from the Scriptures.

Look To Him

Look for Him in His Word

The Promise,  “…He is a rewarder of those who diligently SEEK HIM”. The reward? Himself!- {Heb 11:6}.

 Look  To Him, Look For Him, In His Word!