“My Help comes from the LORD, Maker of Heaven and Earth.” – Psalm 121:1-2

When you cry to the LORD for help, it does not fall on deaf or indifferent ears, for He loves you, and is in the midst of the pain, trouble, with you, and He is drawing out faith towards Him.

The word,”Help,” {“Boetheia.”} – the word picture is that of one who upon hearing a cry for help, runs to give aid to assist  in times of hardship or distress, to help assist and serve a person in time of need! Cry out for help and like the psalmist it says when He hears the cry, HE COMES RUNNING TO AID, ASSIST- Who is it that does so? “THE LORD, Maker of Heaven and earth.” He who spoke the world effortlessly into existence, Creative power, Unlimited power- is the ONE whom the Psalmist address’s, and He responds with His “credentials,” He can meet this, He does not hear and say, “sorry this is above my ability….” no, He comes running to your aid, sometimes He delivers “From!” Sometimes He sustains “In.” But He always comes to “HELP.” He is one cry away…


PSALM 7:10- THE word for “help” is translated “SHIELD’ in this passage.-“‘My shield is with God who saves the upright of heart.” Shield is  a metaphor picturing the protecting presence of God {Boetheis} conveys the idea that God upon hearing our cry for help. God runs to give His protection.

*** What a beautiful thought is found here- read carefully and slowly…


PSALM 91;1- “He who dwells in the shelter { “secret place”- the word ” Boetheia,”} of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.” The word for “shelter”  it is interesting means “covering” and conveys the idea of a”secrecy.” The word, “SHELTER” { again the word,”Boetheia.”}…. and “shelter,” can translate,”He that dwells in THE HELP of the LORD.”- How beautiful. We dwell in the HELP of the LORD!


ISAIAH 41:10,14– ” Do not fear, for I Am with you. Do not anxiously look about you, for I Am your God. I will strengthen you , surely I will HELP YOU…” { God hearing your cry , runs to you  to aid, and assist you.”}- That is why when tempted we need not yield to fear, or anxiety, because HE PROMISES- CRY OUT AND I WILL COME TO YOUR AID AND ASSISTANCE”}


HEBREWS 4:14-16- “Let us therefore draw near with confidence, {fearlessly, boldly } to the THRONE OF GRACE, that we may RECEIVE mercy and may Find GRACE TO HELP {Boetheia} in time of need.”-  CRYING OUT TO HIM, He responds and runs to aid, assist you, RELIEVE YOU, THE NEEDY ONE MAY COME EXPECTANTLY TO RECEIVE grace to help- WHEN IN DIFFICULTY, RELIEVE, OR WANT OR DISTRESS, TO ASSIST AND DELIVER FROM SUFFERING, TO SUCCOR A BESIEGED CITY..”


The LORD is my Help, My Shield, My Shelter, Motivation why I need not yield to fear,

for He is my Help, in time of need, the needy one has One to Run to in time of need- The LORD, our Helper!