“I lift up my eyes to the hills, Where does my Help come from? My help comes from the LORD, Maker of Heaven and Earth.”- Psalm 121:1-2

I have found great strength these past days of chronic illness, in this wonderful verse in Psalm 121:1-2 – “I Look…Where does my Help come from?”  “I look..” around and I see no help in various scenarios, none! And as I contemplated my circumstances and I am reminded of the rest of the verse, the Hope from God in it. “Where does my help come from?” – Who is going to help me? Who can come alongside and aid me in my illness? I take a deep breath and force out the air and with a low hoarse voice, I confess these words out loud in the presence of the unseen realm, and with renewed vigor- I delay my thoughts as I think about the answer that is about to be unleashed by the psalmist that is for me and you also…. to Testify of Him -“MY HELP… comes from the LORD,…. Maker of Heaven and Earth!” –  Bam!!! The psalm begins with a look of DESPAIR… it progresses to a question of DOUBT and ends with a DECLARATION of faith in the Promise of the LORD based on the POWER of the LORD who is CREATOR!

The Hope that is seen in the “LORD.”- the word like a jewel speaks of His Absolute authority and the right that His creatures submit to Him. Think of the ways He showed forth different aspects of Him as “LORD.” The LORD is GOD-{Gen 2:4-5}; PROVIDER {Gen 22}; SELF-EXISTENT- {Ex 3:13-15}; FAITHFUL, COVENANT KEEPING ONE-{Deut 7:9}; UNCHANGING- {Mal 3:6}; SOVEREIGN – {Ish 46} ; HELPER- {Ps 121:1}; MAKER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH”- {Psalm 121:2}.

MEDITATE upon the “LORD,” who is my HELP…. MAKER of Heaven and Earth.” {Psalm 121:1-2}- and my heart lifts, ELEVATES…. for at times we must look beyond, the circumstances, beyond the difficulties and dangers and fix our look on HIM- Who is LORD – our HELP, who comes alongside us to aid us… He is MAKER of Heaven and Earth. Take each aspect associated with the word  “LORD,”above and incorporate them in your prayers. For Examples, you could using each attribute, say, “LORD, I Praise You that You are GOD. I Praise You As my PROVIDER. I Praise You as the SELF-EXISTENT ONE, in need of nothing or no One outside of Yourself to sustain, inform You…ect.”

1. – PURPOSE your Look – on the LORD

2. – PROMISE– OF HELP from the LORD

3. – POWER – to exercise His Promise, comes forth from The LORD CREATOR of Heaven and earth.

4. – PERSPECTIVE– If He who is the LORD, CREATOR GOD, can do all this, then my  or your problem are not beyond His ability to meet. “My Help comes from the LORD.”

5.- PRAISE– THE LORD, FOR HIS PROMISE to be our personal HELPER; And the POWER AS CREATOR to fulfill, exercise His Promise of Help…

In Difficult times, Help is present, and has a Name, The LORD!