” Let us FIX OUR EYES on Jesus. The Author and Perfecter of our Faith…” -{Hebrews 12:1-3}

Looking away from all that would Distract you, Entice you, mould you {Rom 12:1-2} and Hinder you … LOOK AWAY TO JESUS.

“LOOKING”; in Scripture when used of Jesus or God…. Denotes an ACT of Trust or faith with HOPE AND EXPECTATION. The PHRASE, “Looking away”… THE VERB IS IN THE PRESENT TENSE…SO A CONTINUAL ACT IS INTENDED. In all our obedience,…in all we do … we are to continually Look away to Him…

He is not just an EXAMPLE for us to Focus on…though that is part of it… But the One in whom we whole heartily turn to and trust…. Confidently…expectantly, living in obedience to Him to ENABLE us to complete this course in a manner worthy of Him…” BY FAITH…” For without Faith we cannot PLEASE HIM..-Heb 11:6…LOOK AWAY TO JESUS. “Fixing our eyes on JESUS….” HE IS TO BE THE FOCUS AS WE RUN. He is to be the OBJECT {Heb 12:2} and the SUBJECT of our faith {Luke 24:27}

I told my boys the story of a well known British runner, whom I remember seeing his picture in a newspaper of being beaten in a race. The picture captures the moment he lost the race. He turned to see where his opponent was and when he turned to look, he slowed down and took his eye off the finishing line, and his opponent blazed by him and he lost! When we take our eyes off the Lord Jesus… we slow down and lose our bearings at times, like the runner when we take our FOCUS off the Lord Jesus…the goal… God Himself, knowing Him, Living by faith in Him and walking before Him and being about His Business {Matt 6:33} we lose eternal Focus. Paul said to young Timothy in 1 Tim 6:12, “Take hold of Eternal Life…” he is not speaking of his need to be saved, for he was {1 Tim 1:2} but he was telling him to “get a grip” on Eternal Realities, an Eternal Heaven, and Eternal Hell, and Eternal Consequences. Live in light of Eternity!

Look away to Jesus, His Word, His Promises, Himself!