God is the God of all Hope. God Wants you to Receive His Hope.
” These things were written that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have HOPE” – ( Rom 15:4).

NOTE. One purpose of the Scriptures is so that you may be encouraged and have HOPE.  Not the ‘hope” of a gambler which is a “hope” of “chance.” The Believer’s Hope is a hope of “Certainty!” “Confident Expectation” In the LORD!

Why do you think you are so opposed from reading, MEDITATING, memorizing His Word BECAUSE it is God’s source of HOPE! You don’t need hope? – then stay away from His Word! Madness right! So come ask Him for Hope as He has promised! When you read Thank Him in advance for the encouragement He imparts through His Word that produces Hope, certainty, the confident expectation from Him who is “THE God” not of some, or maybe but the GOD OF “ALL Hope!”  Hope is necessary for our morale and emotional well being, and He who is, delights to impart His HOPE and He does so through His Word by His Spirit who will guide you into all truth -{John 16:13}.

The psalmist speaks to himself and asked himself “Why cast down in despair oh my soul?” And he speaks to himself what to do. “Hope in God.”  The answer to despair is not found in a bottle but in GOD! Trust Him, He is trustworthy! The  psalmist points his thoughts to God and it is in His Word we too come to know better, the true character of the One True and Living GOD, and as we come to His Word and His Spirit teaches us of Him we learn to trust in Him, and live in confident expectation upon Him irrespective of our circumstances or surroundings, “THE GOD OF ALL HOPE,” and from His Word we receive…HOPE! Confidence, certainty in Him and from Him and His Word, His Promises!

Hope from GOD… Don’t be robbed…RECEIVE HIS PROVISION OF HOPE… Through His Word by His Spirit…

Romans 15:13 ” The God of All Hope.” Literally “of THE Hope. “not, “a,” as one in many but “THE” hope. He is author and provider, abundantly, endless Hope for you to avail of. His Hope is an eternal reservoir. Hope, confident expectation in Him!

  • He imparts HOPE through His Spirit – {Rom 15:13}.
  • He imparts  HOPE through His Word – {Rom 15:4}.
  • He is the God of “ALL HOPE…” He has all you need, eternal resevoir!-{Rom 15:13}
  • Let His Word in you, read it, meditate upon it, yield to it, Apply it and receive from it…HOPE.

APPLY; Memorize Romans 15:4,& 13 over the next two weeks. Write on a 3 by 5 card and place in a prominent place you will see, perhaps on a bathroom mirror or by a nightstand by your bed. Carry with you and read and think and pray these words… for you and others.