“I will sing to the LORD, Because He has dealt bountifully with me.”- {Psalm 13;6}

Four times in the first two verses David asks, “How Long LORD…?” He wrongly concluded God had forgotten him and God had abandoned him. So great the trial, its severity and length. He turned to God in prayer-v 3….

PRAISE; V 6 They say Prayer changes things… but note in this verse, prayer changes PERSPECTIVE, and changes the psalmist focus and as a result, though his circumstances have not changed his perspective has as he says,”I WILL SING to the LORD BECAUSE…” Now note he has reason to sing, motivation to sing and the focus of his song is the LORD…. ” The word, “BECAUSE” shows he has reason to choose to sing , not based on  ever changing feelings, but on FACTS…  “Because HE has dealt Bountifully with me”… He REMEMBERS, he EMPLOYS his THINKING…. on THE PAST GOODNESS OF THE LORD… to him! He goes back and from his experiences he REMEMBERS and as a result he chooses to PRAISE the LORD for how good GOD HAS BEEN TO HIM!

His PROBLEMS were still the same, though unknown to him, God was at work in the background and also at work in him…using the difficulties of life to cause him to lean in a little closer and more dependent upon Him.

God was preparing a future king to serve the people, and God was using the School of difficulties to Develop His student! 

But note, his thinking though wrong in the initial verses…now remembers the GOODNESS of the LORD not in some abstract way, but in PERSONAL dealings with him to such an extent he chooses, and it is a choice, he chooses to SING TO THE LORD… WHY? He remembers God’s goodness to him! 

Go ahead and Let Him hear you Praise Him,… now… Think of what He has done for you and praise Him. Can’t remember? ASK Him to bring to mind to be fuel for your song of praise! He will…

God Gives A Song Amidst The Sorrows!