“ Epaphras, … always laboring earnestly for you in his prayers, ...”– Col 4:12

This past week I met a 74 year old saint, Jim. He told me he could not kneel because of some physical ailments, but every morning when he awoke he sat on the edge of his bed and prayed for people for an hour. Clicking his fingers repeatedly to demonstrate to speak of rapid fire of…. names, coming to mind and he prayed… at night he did the same thing sitting on his bed for an hour and interceding. Days go by and at times he never sees a soul, alone, but yet not alone, the Unseen One sees him, listens to Him and bids him pray on, persevere, on behalf of others for Jesus sake.-{See Luke 18:1; Col 4:2, 2 Cor 4:5}. He is devoted to prayer… He prays without ceasing… He prays for the believers… He prays for the lost. It is the habit of his life, a holy habit, an eternal work he is undertaking. No, there is no one who sees or knows. “But God…” who sees in secret rewards.{Read Matt 6:6}. He hears His servant, sees his weakness, illness, and yet like Daniel he has devoted himself to prayer. To cry out to God on behalf of others. Selflessly. He has to fight against illness, feelings, an evil foe, but he persists. How great His reward. I call him“Epaphras.” I told him more goes on at His house than many a government house. For his work is of eternal value. The amount of people who pass his house have no idea the eternal work that is taking place through this dear servant of God!“But God…” He knows, He sees, He hears. He answers. He enables His servant to “labor earnestly” to Him on behalf of others!

 So often a lot of what you may do is unseen by others but not unseen by Him! …Pray on!