“IN THIS,” the Hope, the certainty and confidence of what He has imparted and promised is the foundation of a living hope as their reason to “greatly rejoice.”

Such as the certainty of God’s choice of them, indwelt by the Spirit, the blood of Christ,{v2}, recipients of the new birth, a living hope,{v3} a divine inheritance, reserved in Heaven for them and kept, not by themselves but by the power of God Himself {v4-5}.And “In This” they can “greatly rejoice,” which is an intense word that speaks to “ spring up, jump much, leap for joy, skip ” in exuberance. It is not for a fleeting moment but continually “jump For Joy,” with excitement. It is not based on temporal or fleeting circumstances of well-being nor hindered by difficulties but imparted by the Holy Spirit, received by faith and acted upon, in contemplation and celebration in obedience to the command to continually do so, amidst “fiery trials, distress.”

“In This,” the past grounds for hope, their present grounds that their suffering, “distress” that speaks of “mental anguish” is temporal, faith is proven, and that God is in control of them, -{Read 1 Peter 5:10}

Peter makes it very clear that suffering causes distress.  The word means “grieved,” “heaviness,” or “tearfully sorrowful.” It speaks of mental anguish, not necessarily physical suffering.“ It is for a short period, though for the one in the midst it may not feel like it, but it is short in light of eternity, that our faith which is been worked out, more precious than gold, is being developed, displayed and will turn out to be to the praise, glory, honor at the revealing of Jesus Christ. The future grounds of “greatly rejoicing” is the certainty, the hope, the reality of the revealing of Jesus Christ and being with Him! We will see Him and He is returning. “In This” Hope, is the grounds of, “greatly rejoicing,” “In This…” you have reasons from Him to hope, to “greatly rejoice.”

It all goes back to Him, comes from Him, sustained by Him. Think on Him, the ground of “greatly rejoicing” based on the foundation of His Hope for you! Trusting Him, celebrating Him for His provision “In This” you have the ability and power to obey the command and continually to “greatly rejoice!”  Count your many blessings name them one by one and see what God has done, is doing, will do from the passage, and recount them again and again…And find yourself being washed in His Word, strengthened by His Spirit in hope, inspired to leap for Joy and skip in your heart at His hope for you and as a result “In this you greatly rejoice,” even in the midst of great distress’s!

Read 1 Peter 1:2-9 and familiarize yourself with the grounds of hope for greatly rejoicing, as you list the reasons He gives to the suffering ones and “PRAISE” Him for them!

THOUGHT; You have a Living Hope as the root that springs forth the fruit, the ability to greatly rejoice, a joy inexpressible!