“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”- {Eph 2;10}. 
  As beautiful as the stars and galaxies are which we see through the lens, pictures and are explained to us, yet for none of these did God send His Son for… but for you He did! In the midst of a cruel world where name calling, shaming is part and parcel of this fallen world, there is a value on you that is priceless and Poetic! Indeed a Masterpiece!
The word, “Workmanship,” The first 4 words Of the Greek word,{poema} spell P-O-E-M! It literally means “to make,” and was used in reference to a work of art, be it a song, statue, architecture, painting, poem. And it came to speak of a MASTERPIECE!. You are God’s Poem, God’s Masterpiece! You may say you don’t feel much of a masterpiece more of a catastrophe you think, or the evil one whispers as he accuses, and slams you and speaks of your worthlessness, “BUT GOD….” before the foundation of the world chose you for Himself and by His doing set His love upon you and through His great mercy, and loves, rescued you from the bondage of sin and saved you from the penalty of sin, the bondage of satan and saved you from GOD’S wrath {See Rom 1:17-22}. He saved you to Himself. Before “in the beginning God created…” He had chosen you for Himself, and He declares you are His work, handcrafted, by Divine love, His Poem, His Masterpiece. You are not a renovation but a “new creation in Christ”-{2 Cor 5:7}. God’s greatest masterpiece, is the Christian!
 “Sticks and stones may break my bones… BUT the Names God calls you will… NEVER Hurt you!
 You are His Handiwork, His Poem, crafted by His Divine power to save and keep you and His Masterpiece. Angels long to look into the mystery of this redemption {Read 1 Pet 1:12}. The heavens we are told shout the Glory of God, “Glory, Glory, Glory, glory” they declare. but neither angels, stars, sun, moon, galaxies did God so love that He sent His Son to die for… but for you His beloved He did…and by God’s sole independent choice according to His Great love, He has chosen you for HIMSELF and says you are His “WORKMANSHIP,” AND He does not make junk! You are God’s masterpiece, that He is continually working in and through by His divine power and grace!
“HIS…” The word is emphatic! “We are HIS..” we are no one else’s. “we are HIS” and HIS alone by His doing. Exclusively His! HIS initiation, HIS creation, HIS Salvation! So stop allowing yourself to be turned inward and downward, God doesn’t make ‘junk’ and you are not ‘junk,”,…
You are HIS Masterpiece!