“…Should (ought) always pray and not lose heart .”- Luke 18:1
Jesus gives the application at the start of the parable… That we should always pray and not lose heart, “to lose heart” means “to become weary,” to give up!

“Pray without ceasing,” the word ” without ceasing ” was used of a military army that attacked, withdrew, regrouped and attacked again until they achieved victory. The word was also used of a hacking cough that spoke of regular interruptions. So we persist and continue regularly interjecting prayers to The Lord knowing it will protect us from spiritually and emotionally losing heart and becoming weary, and is His gift to us to commune with Him, to have Someone to turn to, and seek His objectives in the matter,” Your Name be honored. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done!
When a person comes to mind lift them up to The Lord! If they are lost, ask He would convict of sin, righteousness and judgment . Thank Him it is a trustworthy statement Christ came into the works to rescue sinners. And they are a candidate so they may love God. If they are believers pray for their mind to be influenced with His Word to make choices that express love to Him and others . Pray Scripture. For example, one prayer could be ,”For this I PRAY, that YOUR LOVE would Abound still more and more in real knowledge and discernment ,”- ( Phil1:9). Pray they not grow weary and lose heart by throwing in the towel and ceasing to pray… Paul prayed and had influence from confinement of prison in the lives of others. (Read Col 1;9-13); Epaphras ” labored in his prayers that you would stand fully assured in all the will of God.”( Col 4:10).

1.- Never underestimate prayer is a spiritual battle and the temptation is to lose heart and throw in the towel.

2.- Never underestimate the power of the Truth of Jesus who in Luke 18:1 assures us the need to pray continuously with an attitude of ” without ceasing,” that to do otherwise will lead to you losing heart and becoming weary, emotionally and spiritually exhausted!

3.- Never underestimate the ATTACK IS Ultimately, AGAINST THE CHARACTER and Word of Jesus. It is to say – He cannot be trusted!!! We AFFIRM it by yielding to the temptation to “throw in the towel,” QUIT, refuse to believe He cares, Is Able, is working! By GIVING UP we AFFIRM, You can’t believe a word He says, therefore I down tools and Quit!

4. Never UNDERESTIMATE the Lord Jesus Answers Prayers according to His Will. He Cares, Hears and ahs the ability to effortlessly answer prayers according to His will!

Pray and when it’s hardest to pray, pray! It may be as simple , yet profound as,” Help LORD!” For in such a prayer shows focus of faith upon the LORD… And your dependence upon Him to help..

LORD help us to persevere In praying to You, for Your Ends, bringing all things to You, and when we forget please remind us to “Pray and not lose heart!”
Thank You for Your provision of prayer to help us not to lose heart!