” A perverse man spreads Strife. A gossip separates intimate friends.”-{Prov 16:28}.

A Gossip {slanderer} is someone who comes between friends and fractures their relationship…Gossipers usually operate in the dark, in the shady place, behind someone’s back and asks not to be quoted! Don’t be that person! Don’t’ listen to it, Don’t participate. Graciously ask the Gossiper if they have spoken to the person they are speaking of? If not then tell them to do so, or if it would help, you would be glad to tell that person what the gossiper is saying concerning them!!! It may help them to reconsider their destructive behavior, and help them change, It will probably guarantee if they continue gossiping, it won’t be to you, if you ask them those two questions! Gossipers thrive like a fungus in the dark and damp when they are allowed to continue unchecked! Gossiping is destructive, disobedient to God, divides friends, and YOU or I can be the CAUSE, through gossiping, at times whispering, behind someone’s back. It is demonic! 

Did you know that the word, “devil,” means, to slander, accuse, defame” {“diábolos (from 1225 /diabállō, “to slander, accuse, defame”) – properly, a slanderer; a false accuser; unjustly criticizing to hurt (malign) and condemn to sever a relationship.”}.When we CHOOSE to slander/gossip we are reflecting a characteristic of the devil! Christians doing the devil’s work, when we choose to GOSSIP! Have you ever seen yourself as doing the devil’s work, reflecting a characteristic of his nature? Gossip is not only divisive, but revealing! When you and I choose to slander, gossip, we are doing the devil’s work! DON’T BE THAT PERSON!


“DON’T let any unwholesome {rotten, as used of fruit} talk come out of your mouths, BUT ONLY what is helpful for Building others up according to their needs, that it may BENEFIT those who listen”-{Eph 4:29}
Note the words highlighted…
DON’T – ONLY – BENEFIT! When tempted to be divisive, destructive, disobedient regards gossip, – Remind yourselves of these three words to help your speech …DON’T…ONLY…BENEFIT.

DON’T Be a Gossip. DO be someone who BUILDS up with your speech!

Both the Gossip and the Gracious person use…WORDS!
One is GOSSIP – Splits up people
One is GRACIOUS- Builds up people!
Which one are you presently?
Which one does God want you and me to be?

“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For THE MOUTH SPEAKS WHAT THE HEART IS FULL OF.”- {Luke 6:45}. Why does a person gossip, slander ? Because the heart is “…FULL OF…” it. Words are a mirror to the condition of a heart. Why does a person CHOOSE to be gracious in speech? Because the heart is “FULL OF,” grace!

Both make choices! Choose His way, for His sake with your speech. Don’t be destructive, be Gracious and people will BENEFIT because of you!


Memorize the above two verses. Place on a 3 by five card and carry with you or place somewhere you can see , like the mirror on your bathroom and remind yourself as you read, and think about your thoughts before you SPEAK!

Take a week to think on daily and pray NOT to be A GOSSIP, who DIVIDES intimate friends, DISOBEYS God, and is DESTRUCTIVE and DIVISIVE… CHOOSE ….YOUR WORDS WISELY, GRACIOUSLY.. that will ONLY…BUILD UP  and… BENEFIT… the hearers! 

NOTHING Good Comes from Gossip. Gossip Destroys!

Gossip Breaks down. Love Builds Up. The Difference? One reflects the devil, the other God!

What or whom are you and I reflecting?

Let’s choose the LORD’S way!