I find over these years what helps me in tough and dark times has been to meditate on a verse or a portion of one, over and over saying it to myself, thinking on it. Emphasizing each word in the sentence…the first word… then as I re-read it…a second time, emphasize the second word…then when I get to the fifth reading, I emphasize the fifth word… and often other verses He may bring to mind to help me connect truth,a theme or more insight on the subject. I believe Psalm 1 where he speaks of the “Blessed,” spiritually prosperous one, is that in v 2 he “meditates on the Word of the LORD day and night.”-Constantly, repeatedly thinking…on Him, His Truth!Who is it that says it. What does He say. What am I to know about Him, about His view on a situation in life. What would He have me know, do etc. To occupy your thinking with Him and His Word and see life through the lens of truth.”…Your Word is Truth.”-{John 17:17}. “Whatever is true, lovely, praiseworthy…let your mind dwell on these things.”-{Phil 4:8}.
 Meditating is something we all do. I am told a cow has several stomachs, who chews then swallows, brings it up again and chews  and the process is repeated, so we regurgitate  His Word, knowing it is His Way to impart “encouragement, hope” to us- {Rom 15:4}; Discernment- {Heb 5:13-14}; reveal Jesus Christ to us {Luke 24}, Build us up {Acts 20:32} Grow us up {1 Pet 2:2-3}.The evil one seeks to tempt us away from what God has told us to live by….”man shall not live by bread alone but by EVERY Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” {Matt 4:4}…His Word, food for our soul and to help our mind to think on truth that changes us from the inside out.
We constantly choose to think, think, think on things, something like depression, is like a deep rut by the side of the road, where we continually think on something over and over and digging a deeper rut with each thought replaying it over and over. How do we get out? Look to Him, what does He say! {Read Phil 4:8-9}.
I will study Your commandments  and reflect on your ways. I will delight in Your decrees and not forget Your Word. “-{Psalm 119:15-16 NLT}
RELATE it all to the LORD
RECOGNIZE  the error of thought
REPLACE it with Truth