It is easy to live in the ‘old man’ clothes, and the spiritual ‘dead man’ thoughts’-{Eph 2:1-3; 4:17}… going back to thinking as though He did not love us or care for us or that we can not come to Him. “Dead man’s thoughts” leave Him out in our thinking and never end with him, always with self or the problem and not Him…it’s part of the fight of faith. I was sharing with someone recently we need to “renew” our mind”- {Rom 12:2}, as we are saved but have to learn to think right in order to do right, and often we can revert back to the pattern of thinking “dead man’s thoughts” before we were in Christ when difficulties arise, leaning to our own understanding which is forbidden {Prov 3:5-6}. It is to Revert back to how we lived life outside of Christ. We go back to what “we know, what we trust,” usually leaning to our own understanding! It is “dead man’s thinking!” It is a vicious disheartening fearful anxiety filled cycle, barely coming up for air for a brief cessation, only to plunge back down again with the anxiety crisis. We find we do not have the emotional or spiritual reserves as “dead man’s thinking,” is life sapping, not life imparting!

Where to begin? Philippians is a good book to look up the words, “mind, attitude, think…etc”- all in reference to our mind… Recognize the thought, who does it end with self or the Savior, hopelessness or hope in Him? Replace the thought immediately with Truth. He is Truth-{John 14:6} and His Word is Truth-{John 17:17} and we are to REPEAT, think, continuously on truth and practice it  -{Phil 4:8-9} and the promise of Peace results!{Phil 4:9}. Speak the truth to yourself. You have the power to choose what your allow your mind to dwell on.-{Phil 4;8}.This is part of renewing your mind. And the ultimate purpose for our mind is to “love the Lord your God with all your… MIND.” {Read Luke 10;27}.To love Him we have to align our thinking with His,  submitting to what is true of Him, what is true of us as He says!

Often as followers of Christ, we can live in the “ditch” beside the road, the “ditch,” of despair, anxiety, fear that rule our thoughts, affect us emotionally and seek to assure us this is the life He has for us. Lies, lies, lies! Dead man’ thoughts! We have to see ourselves as He sees us and say about ourselves what He says about us “In Christ.” Read Ephesians 1;3-15 and underline the phrases “In Christ, In Whom, In him” and note who HE says you are as a result and the response? Verse 3″ Bless,  speak well of Him, Praise Him…}

We have to learn to see life through the lens of Truth, His Word reveals to us the truth, and as we continue in His Word, we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free…{Read John 8:31-32} You cannot stop a thought coming to mind but you can CHOOSE what you will dwell on! A good verse to memorize to help with this new process is Philippians 4:8! Renewing your mind begins with GOD! What He says, and what value you put on what He says about “renewing your mind,” reveals the value you place on Him! You have been given newness of life to learn to walk in new ways, with a life imparting Savior! {Read 2 Peter 1:3}.

Lay aside the “dead man’s thinking” and renew your mind.Romans 12:1-3…three good verses to memorize! Are you up for the challenge? Read, re read, put on a 3 by 5 card carry with you or place by your bed and read first thing in the morning , last thing at night, or place where you will see it, read it, think on it word for word, phrase for phrase, verse for verse and commit to memory that the Holy Spirit can recall and encourage you with it and use you to encourage others. Time to throw off the old grave clothes and disperse with the ‘dead man’s thinking’ and walk in a renewed mind that influences your deeds. Good job!

Recognize- Replace- Repeat!