“I GO and prepare a place for YOU,


that YOU also may be where I AM.”- The Resurrected LORD Jesus Christ! -(John 14:3)

Your future is taken care of, “….To be with Me…that you may also be where I Am.” Your future is to be with a Person, Jesus Christ, by His doing! How often do you think on your future? No, not how will you get through the next crisis, but eternal destination to “be with…” Him. “In His presence is fullness of joy and pleasure forever more.. where He will lavish His Kindness on you for all ages…” It is not like a vacation, where you go for a limited time, and then have to leave, but it is eternal, “…may be where I AM.” How long will He be there? How long will He be Sovereign King? So will you be with Him! Security, safety, peace, rest, love, His unbreakable Friendship, companionship, resting in His love, thanking, worshiping Him. Your future is Secure,it is a Person! Jesus has prayed for it, “Father, I DESIRE where I Am, they may be WITH ME ALSO, to BEHOLD My GLORY.”-{John 17:24.}. At death we read, “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of one of His saints,”- Why is this? Because the Father grants the Son the DESIRE of His prayer, which is that you, “…might be WITH Me… to BEHOLD MY Glory.” Neither your death nor destination is an accident but a Divine Appointment- that you be with Him, your Future Destination!

What is Heaven? Ultimately, “… to be with Me.” Yes, Heaven, the Scriptures teach is a place, but what, no, Whom is it that makes Heaven, Heaven? It is Him and, ” to be WITH,” Him! Heaven would not be Heaven or desirable if He was not there. The Joy of Heaven is not the place but the PERSON, and He promises, assures us that, “…to be With ME,” is where we are heading to and where we will be as long as He is, which is eternal!

Your Future is taken care of. THINK on Verses of your future to build your faith for the present! Perhaps memorizing John 14:3 and looking and emphasizing what He says as I have in bold letters written above.

Live well in the immediate present looking to Him, feeding your soul on Him and seeking His business on earth. Your future is secure in Christ ( Read 1 Pet 1:5), others aren’t. Seek to pray and share Him and His Gospel!

” Strength for today
Bright hope for tomorrow 
As Thou hast been Thou forever will be
Great is Thy faithfulness… LORD unto Me.”