“But when YOU pray, go into YOUR room, close the door and pray to YOUR Father, who is unseen. Then YOUR Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward YOU. And when YOU pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for YOUR Father knows what YOU need before YOU ask Him.”-{Matthew 6:6-8}…PRAY ON!

“FATHER”- Note how many times… it is emphasized in these verses!

“YOU“- Re-Read and count the word “YOU,” in these verses and note what it says about it. Look how Personal it is and what Responsibility “YOU” have from these verses.

“THINK”-There is “Pagan Praying”, that comes from wrong thinking. They thought they were heard for their many repetitious babbling words! Self-effort, was their appeal to God! Why do you “THINK” God hears you? Is prayer a “merit” system for you to appease God? Do you “Think” you are heard because you….{fill in the blank!}. You are heard because He is “your Father” and this because He “…has caused you to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of the LORD Jesus”-{1 Peter 1:3}. It is possible for a believer to fall into the attitude of “pagan” praying and is a result of what we “think” as regards why God listens to our praying! One is self merit, the other the merit solely of the Lord Jesus on our behalf. “Pagan” Praying is rooted in self-righteousness, pride, and wrong thinking that is expressed in wrong deeds! It is trust in self! God’s graciousness towards us by His doing, through the sole merit of the Lord Jesus to grant us audience with Himself, is solely why we are heard. It is all of Him! – {Read Romans 5:1-2}.

“KNOWS,…NEED”- God is not caught by surprise when something happens to you. He is Omniscient, All Knowing. He knew about your Need before you! He is neither taken by surprise, nor perplexed, anxious, wringing His hands, or has furrows on His brow because somehow He has been caught by surprise by your “NEED.” He is ahead of you, He is eternal, not confined by time as though somehow He learns about your “need” the same time as Him and then somehow He is hurrying around to try and somehow figure out what to do next! {‘He Himself knows what He is going to do.”-{John 6:6}.

There are no Furrows on The Brow of Almighty God!

He is Omniscient. All Knowing, He has the heart of the perfect, all loving Father who has the power to provide for your “need.”

“ASK” – The Assumption is you SPEAK to Him. And be encouraged, before you “ask,” He knows your need! You are not telling Him anything He is unaware of. But the “need” we see from this passage is to cause us to “PRAY,” to our Father. A “Need,” is an opportunity to pray! Ever needy? Unlimited opportunities for you To…PRAY!

PRAY ON… with confidence, and Comfort, your FATHER is listening and Loving you!

Prayer- That Is Personal, Promising, Comforting, Confidence Inspiring!…This is Your Father’s call to you!