“How are you?” Depending who asks you, is how you answer, Paul wrote from prison that he and the people he wrote to were “blessed!” When God “bless’s” us He “does good to us,” and when we “bless’” Him we “Praise,” or “speak well of Him!”  Epeshians 1:3-15, give us some reasons to “speak well of Him,” such as, we are,

  • Recipients of grace and peace
  • Secure, eternally so, “In Christ.”
  • Blessed with every spiritual blessing In Christ
  • Chosen before the foundation of the world
  • Adopted into the family of God
  • Accepted, eternally irrevocably in the Beloved!
  • Forgiven, totally, irrevocably, pardoned.
  • Eternal Inheritance
  • Wisdom imparted
  • Sealed with the Holy Spirit.”Sealed,” speaks of ownership, security.

If someone asks you, ”How are you?” Say,”BLESSED!” Because no matter what is going on, you are who God says you are, and what God says you are… “Blessed!”  And in turn “speak well of Him.” Bless Him who has blessed you! Worship Him in truth, in your praying, recount and “Bless Him,”  after each of the above mentioned and in doing so you “worship Him in spirit and in truth!”

Read Ephesians 1:3-15 – Underline the phrase, “In Him, in Whom, In Christ…” and mark all the ways God has “blessed” you. You in turn have fuel for praise  to “speak well of Him!

 How are you? “Blessed!”