The anxious thought comes with an evil purpose. The word,”anxiety,” comes from two Greek words,” Divide, the mind.” The goal is to divide our mind and distract from loving God with all our mind, which is the first and greatest commandment!{Read Luke 10;27}. Anxiety seeks to divide and distract our thoughts, heart and choices from devotion and dependence to and upon the LORD!

  •  ANXIETIES ATTACK THE CHARACTER OF GOD AND HIS WORD;. Through seeking to Divide your mind from Thinking on The TRUTH about God, His character and on knowing how to love Him with ALL of your mind. -{Luke 10:27}.
  • ANXIETY AND FEAR TRAVEL TOGETHER; They are used to distract and deviate you from seeking first the kingdom of God as the priority in living – {Read, Luke 12:11,22, 32}.
  •  ANXIETY LEFT UNCHECKED WEIGHS YOU DOWN AND LEADS TO DEPRESSION;-{ Read,Prov 12 :25}. Anxiety is no friend of yours. It attacks the character of God, calling His character, Word into question. It seeks to divide your thinking, distract you from devotion to loving God and distract and divide your attention to the priority of the kingdom of God in your present circumstances.
  • ANXIETY SEEKS TO DOMINATE YOUR THINKING AND LIE TO YOU ABOUT GOD. Lies such as  “God can’t help” and “He doesn’t care for you.” Anxieties come in all shapes and sizes and always with an evil intent as stated above.

So what to do?

“Humble yourselves under the Mighty Hand of God…” In Submission to Him, is the safest place to be for He is our shelter and He is our Provider and He has all the Power needed including empowering you as His own, to competently deal swiftly with the anxieties that seek to divide, distort, distract you from loving God with your mind and seeking His Kingdom as your assignment. Anxieties, fears, doubts, despair, all evil behind the tip of the poisonous arrows of the thoughts of anxieties.“…Cast {throw them off, fling them onto  Him}. All your anxieties upon Him for He Cares for you.” -{1 Peter 5:7}. Submission and Trusting Him. Praying with thanksgiving and His Peace the result-{Read Phil4:6}

His Word is your weapon to learn to think right, dwell on truth and place it between you and every circumstance as the foundation for right thinking that influences Godly choices so you may love God with all of your MIND.

{Read, Memorize, Meditate, Apply Philippians 4:8}.