As I thought of the above quote I began to think and write and below are a few thoughts as a result.

* Think of the LORD Jesus… When the crowds were telling the leper to stop crying out to Jesus, to “be quiet,” but Jesus STOPPED… unlike the multitude, He made time for – the Broken man.  Think about the LORD Jesus... and the woman at the well. While the religious of that day took the long way around so not to go through Samaria, Jesus said, “I MUST Go through Samaria…” for one – Broken woman. Think about the LORD Jesus who went across the lake with some disciples to free the demoniac. The best society could do was to chain him up… Jesus went to free him up, and “clothed him in his right mind.” To such an extent that when Jesus was leaving he wanted to go with Him. Jesus told him to “go home and tell what great things the LORD had done.” He went back and told them what great things JESUS had done. He knew Jesus was LORD- Master, Sovereign, Owner! Jesus sought out this man whom society had bound up, which was the best they could do. Jesus went to free him up. He went looking for this one – Broken man.

* Think about the LORD Jesus who was maligned because He was “the friend of sinners.” How sad when a brother or sister in the LORD, fail, sin, we often walk away from them when Galatians 6 teaches the “spiritual” one walk towards them, to restore them in love and also acutely aware of their own weakness and how but for the Grace of God there goes them! We walk away from the broken, because we are unspiritual the passage would show. The Broken are ostracized! How do you walk with the broken? Do you identify with them? Do you exercise compassion towards them? It is often not a lack of opportunity but of a heart filled up with self, that blinds us and sidetracks us to the needs of the broken. Think about the LORD Jesus…think about who you walk and sit with. How many of them are broken? Think about the Cross…

“How We Walk With The Broken Tells More About Us Than How We Sit With The Great,”

Jesus Is Concerned With People Broken By Sin.The Cross His Proof!


{From The Message, “How We Walk With The Broken Speaks Louder Than  how We Sit With The Great.” }