“For the despairing man there should be kindness from his friend; So that he does not forsake the fear of the Almighty.”- Job 6:14.

“Despairing,..afflicted.” “To him that is afflicted “melteth.” The word here used, to melt, flow down, waste away, and here means one who pines away, or is consumed under calamities.”-Barnes

Job’s” friends were sure they knew  the “why” of his suffering, and were not slow in letting him know. Why is it that we “feel” we have to know the answer to the “why?” Nothing wrong with seeking to know “why,” in order to get information to help, but sometimes this is not our goal, is it? Something within us that is not comfortable with not knowing the answer to the “why?” We see someone in front of us in pain and our question in our mind is “why,”  and not “how?” “How can I help you.” I once heard, “show me the compassion of a man and I will show you his usefulness.” Job’s friends began well, in that they stayed with him, but when they began to speak, that is when they revealed what was within their heart, what they were thinking. They lacked compassion. They added to Job’s pain. It is often in pain and loss, that some relationships are revealed for what they truly are, shallow! Sometimes there is a loss of “friends” because you are no longer able to meet their needs so they move on seeking someone else. You have out-served your purpose. In Job’s case his “friends” added to his pain. Under pressure and in pain Job had discovered the truth about his friends while he was in the furnace of affliction.What did he desire from them as he was consumed with loss and loved ones? “Kindness!” He desired “kindness” and that they did not give to him! Be taken up with “How?” “How can you show kindness to the afflicted, suffering one.  We often ask the wrong question and at times can show who we are primarily concerned about. “Why,” can be asked for no other reason than to satisfy one’s own curiosity. When the question you and I should be asking is “How?” “How can i show kindness to the one who is afflicted like the Good Samaritan did when he saw someone laying in distress at the side of the road.  Be a “How,” person. For that is the person who is looking beyond the end of their own nose to the needs of others.

Let this be your thinking in order to help and show kindness. Remember kindness is Love in action – {Read 1 Cor 13:4} And is characteristic of someone controlled by the Holy Spirit. -{Read Gal 5:22}

“Be Kind ” to the suffering one. Don’t assume you know “why,” but be assured you are to show kindness! Be a “How” person! That comes by choice!