“My grace is sufficient for you…”-{2 Corinthians 12:9}

“SUFFICIENT.” The word, means, “Adequate, ENOUGH with the implication of SATISFYING!” Think about this. Paul’s pain due to the “thorn,” was compared to a stake that would impale someone, so brutal was it, it was used to torture someone! And yet the Lord says He is imparting grace to him that will be enough for him and indeed in the trial he will know the satisfaction of the grace of our Lord Jesus. The grace that satisfies in pain would be known by him!

“SUFFICIENT…SATISFYING GRACE…” to sustain you, enable me to continue to do the work of the LORD but also, the benefit this grace brings is a grace that has benefits…satisfying the soul!

  • “Sufficient” – Think of the One who said this, The Resurrected Lord Jesus
  • “Sufficient”– whatever you are confronted with today His grace is sufficient for you
  • “Sufficient” – grace that Satisfies… even in pain! The amazing grace of our Lord Jesus!

Paul testified to it, and countless others can do likewise…in pain, they can say, “I am satisfied!”- His Grace has satisfied me in my pain. His grace not only strengthens, but also sustains, and satisfies! Submission to Him in prayer I find His grace satisfies me.

I am satisfied by the grace of my Lord Jesus, both despite and in, my pain! His fame through Paul’s pain has echoed down the centuries, as Paul proved the sufficient grace of the Lord Jesus. Satisfaction is found exclusively in a Person, The Lord Jesus, independent of painful circumstances. In submission to Him, He satisfies!

  • Satisfied by Jesus. Satisfied with Jesus, even in suffering!


THE GRACE that Strengthens is also the Grace that Satisfies!


God bless and encourage you and strengthen you in the truth!