Martin Luther, believing the following day he would be burned at the stake, so he put his finger through the flame of a lit candle to see if it hurt. And it did!  The following day he was not burned at the stake. He had been looking for future grace, when this verse teach’s us it is a “present tense grace.”Moment by moment, sufficiency for us. “My grace IS sufficient!”{2 Cor 12:9}. Often we look forward trying to figure things out and seek future grace when it is present tense. When you arrive in the future, by God’s doing, you will find His grace is as it has been moment by moment-sufficient!

The word “sufficient” means “adequate, ENOUGH.” His grace is “enough!”

  • Enough Grace to Understand-the purpose of the “thorn.” – “Because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations there was given me a “thorn” to keep me from exalting myself.” –v7
  • Enough Grace to Pray amidst pain. – “I implored the Lord three times that it might leave me,” v8.
  • Enough Grace to be Dispensed.– “ My Grace is Enough {sufficient } “-v9
  • Enough Grace for Power to be unleashed in weakness – “…Power is perfected through weakness.” –v9
  • Enough Grace to Boast irrespective of troubles– “I will rather boast about my weaknesses that the power of Christ might dwell on me.” – ‘v9
  • Enough Grace to be “Content.”– “I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with persecutions, with distresses, with difficulties, FOR CHRIST SAKE; for when I am weak I am strong.”– v10

Let your heart soar as you rest in the truth, you always have “ENOUGH” grace, supernatural power supplied by the Resurrected Lord Jesus, moment by moment!

You can no more exhaust the Grace of God than a tad pole can drink all the water in the oceans!

For each moment you live you have ENOUGH Grace. Paul wrote, “not that we are sufficient within ourselves… BUT our Sufficiency is FROM GOD”- {Read 2 Cor 3:4. }. Note; Looking to self = Deficiency. Note, where our sufficiency is found and comes from….GOD!  Present tense, moment by moment empowering grace for you, in times of pain, suffering, and temptation. It is “ENOUGH!” We must learn to live in the “now,” this present moment, using the grace He imparts which is “enough” for this present moment! Let your heart answer any testing, or trial, with this triumphant word of faith, “There is -ENOUGH Grace for me!” Choose to live in the “Now,” for in this moment, is where you find “enough” grace from the LORD Jesus Christ!

We can learn from Luther.

What he was worrying about in the future didn’t come to pass. Learn to live in the “now!”  And whatever the future brings there will be “Enough Grace” for me!