One of my children, Evan, when he was seven years old, used to love to come with me when I was speaking at a church. He had heard me maybe fifteen or sixteen times give different messages, and one evening while driving home after I gave a message at a church, he said to me rather observantly, as the Holy Spirit had allowed him to catch on to this one repeated phrase which I was unaware of, regarding when I speak, “Daddy you ALWAYS say that, “…But GOD.” I had no idea I had been! 

I got to thinking about that, what a lovely phrase, “…But God.” What a lovely way to end every sentence,“… But God…”. to end every fear with, “But God…” every sorrow, every triumph, every victory to end with “BUT GOD…” God has the final word in every and all situations because HE IS THE FINAL WORD… What balm to my weary and battered mind “…But God.”

Consider the children of ISRAEL, Pharaohs army in pursuit, the Red Sea on front of them – things looked bleak…”But God…” Meshach, Shadrach, Abednego – who would not compromise, threatened and indeed thrown into the flames- “But God…” Daniel in the lions den…” But God…” Jesus crucified and murdered on the cross and laid in a cold tomb…“But God.” In Hebrews 11 one of my favorite passages which does not mention the NAMES of those who walked about in the clothes of animals, they were destitute, forsaken….“BUT God… “whom the Scripture says of them that this “world was not worthy of….

Friend, what is it that you are battling with? What is the circumstance that is wearing you down and you see no way around or through? How wonderful for you to realize there is a “But God” too for you! At the end of every diagnosis, at the end of every tragedy at the end of every care, doubt or discouragement to remind ourselves that is not the end of the story for there is always a “But God…”who has the final say! What are you facing? Finish the sentence with, “But God…”