When our oldest son was about 6 years old we took him and siblings to a restaurant and they had a frozen yogurt machine that was self -serve. He stood up on his tippy toes pulled the handle down and the yogurt began to swirl down to his cone, which he held beneath it. I heard a cry for “help,” coming from him and looked to see he was trying with all his might to push back up the handle and stop anymore yogurt coming out, but he was not strong enough to do so and the yogurt kept coming and coming. Imagine with me, if I did not help him, he would have been covered in yogurt from head to toe. But eventually the machine would run dry as it could only contain a certain amount of the frozen yogurt at a time. “But God…” His grace is not like that. His grace is infinite, influencing, available and cannot be diminished, weakened, or dry up. In the original the wording is, “Sufficient for you is the grace of Me.”-{Read 2 Cor 12:9}

“Sufficient” the word means, “adequate, ENOUGH.” The magnitude of the grace of God is beyond our comprehension but that does not mean we cannot avail of it. Paul in this passage in 2 Corinthians 12 gives us something of a glimpse of it as he testifies to the grace of God. He had been given some wonderful visions and revelations of the Lord” {v1-2} A “thorn” had been given him so he would “not exalt himself” in light of the visions he had seen. {v7}. Jesus responds to his prayer, not by removing the “thorn” but promising him, “My Grace is ENOUGH, for power is perfected in weakness.” {v 9}. Jesus gives Himself. He is “the grace!” For the suffering one, the greatest need is Himself!  Strengthen your mind with the truth,  and power to live this moment, ” there is enough grace for me!” It is a moment by moment enabling of Divine power to aid you! There is always enough grace for you to continue on to do the right thing! {Read 2 Cor 12:7-11}.

 You can never out use the grace of God, though you live a million life times!