God always has purpose through pain, The “thorn,” was to keep Paul from –Spiritual pride v7.-Draw Him to a deeper dependence on the LORD- v9 -Dispense sufficient grace and power to and through Paul-v9.-Display Contentment is possible for a man in pain to a watching world -v 10.Paul accepted it, not passively or defeatist, but in understanding the Lord’s purpose through the “thorn” he gloried, boasted that his weakness was God’s opportunity for him to know His grace, His power and contentment.

Do you want to be strong? God demonstrates STRENGTH through weakness! Many want to be strong but are not weak enough for God’s strength! They are “strong” in their own strength. So affliction is greeted with exasperation, anger at God… frustration…But Paul teaches you the way to deeper intimacy with Him when he handed in his resignation to what he knew was God’s will for him, and with the acceptance came forth celebration, glorying, boasting, contentment in the God who had gifted him with the “thorn.”

Our response to adversity can be like Paul to “Glory- Boast,” as we understand weakness is the means to the imparted strength from Christ. Paul knew that the LORD Jesus would not disappoint. You can too! Your affliction, your “thorn” can be your greatest ally- if it causes you to turn to Him. Know Him better. Know and be completely dependent upon Him. Acceptance of His will for you. His grace. His power- your sufficiency. Others will benefit! Christ will be magnified to you and through you! Pain did not define him… the PERSON and PROVISION and POWER of Jesus Christ to him and through him brought forth PRAISE to Jesus Christ from the man…in PAIN- Now that is amazing Grace!

Your Pain can be the gateway to Knowing Jesus Christ more intimately and testifying of Him more expansively!