A Thorn  in the flesh was Given (gifted) to me .”- 2 Corinthians 12:7. The root word for ” thorn ” describes a steak for a tent! Paul wanted to give the ” gift ” back. He asked three times for it to be removed. God had a glorious purpose in it.

*God wanted to put Himself on display to Paul and through Paul

*God answers prayer but maybe not with the answer you asked for

*God uses adversity for a purpose .

* Paul would know the power of Christ in his weakness.

God has purpose in adversity !

With great affliction comes great strength from God and grace to strengthen. The Christians weakness is God’s opportunity to show God’s strengthening grace!

The beauty is the “gift” he was given had a Divine purpose. A Personal purpose and a Wider purpose for others benefit to see God on display. You want to be strong? God demonstrates STRENGHT through weakness! As you realize you are weak and place it in His hands it is His power that is shown . His strength .

Weakness in His hands unleashes His power to sustain and empower and testify to you and through you of the all Sufficient empowering grace of Jesus Christ!