My Grace IS Sufficient for you.”

A Bible teacher while away from home got news his only son had died. He went back to the little room he was staying in and got on his knees beside his bed and looked and saw a verse on the wall, “My Grace is sufficient for you.” With a breaking heart he cried out ,”it is not!” As the Lord soothed his broken heart, with His Word, as he looked up and read each word, slowly. The word, “is” caught his attention. He had wondered how could he go on. What about his dear wife. What would he do in six months, the questions legitimate were flooding him, when the word, “is” arrested his attention. It “is” present tense grace, moment by moment. when he would get home and see his wife it would be there to appropriate, in six month time  it also would be available. To learn to live in the present is no easy thing for many of us. We fret about the future and stress ourselves. This dear man realized and laid hold of a present tense Shepherd and His present tense grace. In heartache and pain the promise “My Grace IS sufficient… ”

For this moment, this trial, this temptation, this hurt, this pain, this opportunity, there is “sufficient grace,” that is His Power extended to you, to appropriate by faith in your Lord Jesus. It does not eliminate the pain, but there is Divine enablement in the pain for your pain. Sufficient grace to endure. Sufficient grace not to choose to sin, but if you have there is Sufficient grace that  through confessing of sin and repentance that  His blood cleanses from all your unrighteousness. -(Read 1 John 1:7,9). Sufficient Grace, to continue to do right. Sufficient Grace to depend and derive all you need from the LORD Jesus. In the difficult place there is, always available to you, present tense grace to empower you to trust Him!

There Is Moment by Moment Grace For You.