It was down by the brook where Elijah would learn of the “God of the ravens.” God had sent him to a specific location and there on a daily basis would provide for him through the unseemly of providers- ravens! Ravens were notoriously selfish. And yet as though by lazor, daily they would come, consistently and provide what food Elijah needed. Elijah could have said, “I know He provided yesterday, but will He provide today?” He could have spent his day being anxious, tormented with worry. Wondering, questioning, “But what if…” “What if the ravens forget, or can’t remember where I am?” Seems crazy, but then again we are often like that. We see God provide and indeed have a history of His meeting our needs and we wonder, question, choose, yes, I did say “choose” to be anxious. Needlessly so. It was by the brook, God was teaching a man to trust Him. He was teaching him the way of faith, not in himself, not in the ravens, but in the “GOD OF THE RAVENS!” Before there was “meals on wheels,” there was “Ravens in The Air!”

“LORD,” speaks of Sovereignty, Reigning over all His creation. He knows all, He sent Elijah, knew him by name, knew where he was, for He had created the place. He created and controled the ravens, as my youngest son once said,”He reversed their nature,” indeed He did. From selfish to now server’s. God used the ravens to teach a man of Himself! He knew how to provide for him in such a way that GOD would get the glory, and Elijah would learn, God can be trusted. We spend so much time wasting trying to figure out “How,” when we should rest in “Whom” will provide,- God of The Ravens, still reigns and provides today. His is the way of faith and obedience.

Some lessons are only learned by the brook! Where you are, He knows you by name, your situation and bids you trust and rest in Him, the LORD of the Ravens.

“Thank You LORD, for daily provision, Thank You LORD for teaching me to trust You.”