I was thinking this morning as today is not a good one health wise, on Him being, “LORD OF THE VALLEYS”- { Read Psalm 23:4.} No valley has conquered or thwarted Him, no sheep has He left behind, abandoned, but He is LORD OVER the valleys, Lord IN the valleys and the LORD who walks with us to take us THROUGH the valley. A kind gracious and sovereign Shepherd is our LORD of the Valleys.

He knows each “sheep” by name. He knows their condition, tendencies. He leads His sheep, never drives them {the evil one, world, flesh does} but leads them. He knows the young, the sick and frail, the elderly and for each He has the pace they should move at. None hurried or harassed by Him. He is a Tender Shepherd who is intimately acquainted with each sheep. He is LORD of The Valleys, none will be left behind, abandoned, or snatched or stolen from Him. He is powerful, protector of the sheep. Each sheep will make it safely through the valleys to the Father’s House because each sheep is accompanied and accounted for by the LORD OF THE VALLEYS.

There Are No Sheep Left Behind By The Good Shepherd.