Something about a move can cause us some anxieties at times, the unknown, the uncertainties that may or may not come into play. Change can be a bit unsettling for us, whether its a change of school, house, job, country, etc. Some changes can also be exciting, stimulating, but for many of us change can be troubling. Sometimes the thought of “the will of God” can be distressing. “What or where does the Lord want me, us,?”  Do you ever find yourself tied up in knots regarding what The Lord would have for you, where should you be, and  “location,” becomes your primary focus and not The Lord or people? We often can get bogged down in our “LOCATION” and forget our “VOCATION” which is namely, LOVE GOD…LOVE OTHERS.-{Luke 10:27}

A Third privilege we find from Acts 8 which records the story of Philip going to the desert meeting a Eunach who was reading and Philip taking the Scripture and explaining Jesus to him from it. The Eunach received the Word and the LORD Jesus and wanted to be baptized. Afterwards Philip was taken away and it says the eunuch was “rejoicing. ” He had been led to and left with The Lord and in Him, he found his joy. He was taken up with Him…It says that Philip, as he went through town after town “preached the Good News” about Jesus!

With Philip it was not about Location but Vocation, telling others of Jesus Christ. Wherever he was Christ was his Vocation!

We are pilgrims passing through, may we be taken up today with Loving God, loving others and Christ as our Vocation that others may hear of Him. Wherever you are, look to Him to give you favor as He did Philip with the eunach and point them to Jesus. Wherever you go, be it to the store, school, work, a fishing trip, across the road, continent or world, may you realize your circumstances are opportunities to make Him known. So often we tie ourselves up in knots, when we should see as Paul, who wrote from a prison these words,”Brothers I want you to know my circumstances have worked out FOR THE ADVANCEMENT  OF THE GOSPEL”- ( Phil 1:12).

Wherever your LOCATION, now or in the future, your VOCATION is always…

It’s too easy to become “location,” pre-occupied and be diverted and miss out on what our “vocation” is to be!

There is nothing prohibiting you from Loving God, Loving others, sharing Christ where you are presently in the location you find yourself in. Know He loves you. As Paul from a prison wrote “I am APPOINTED”-{ Read Phil 1:16}, the word means “set” like a soldier given a specific assignment, a post, so we too are “appointed” to love God, Love others and share Jesus Christ wherever we are!