The LORD “IS,…

” MY PRESENT TENSE SHEPHERD.” The LORD IS my Shepherd I shall not want …,”- Psalm 23:1. He “IS” a moment by moment present tense Shepherd. He “IS” always fully present with you, in all His power, wisdom and love. You are never alone.“He makes me lie down in green pastures beside still waters.” Sheep, I have read will not lie down unless they are secure, full, satisfied, content. He compares us to sheep. For who needs a Shepherd, but sheep! And we have the LORD, Creator of Heaven and earth, in whom nothing is impossible with and He “IS” your present tense Shepherd!  Peronalize the verses, for He is these to you. You can confidently say, by faith in Him, The LORD “IS” my Personal, present tense, Providing Shepherd. The LORD “IS”  my beautiful, “Good Shepherd” who laid his life down for me. { John 10:11}. The word,”Good,” can be translated “Beautiful, noble.” The LORD “IS” my Great Shepherd who was raised from the dead for me, to justify me before and to God. God raised Him from the dead accepting His sacrifice on my behalf! {Heb 13:20 }. The LORD “IS” my “Guardian Shepherd” who protects my soul. And no one or nothing can pry me from His hands or separate me from His Love. The  LORD “IS” my “Chief Shepherd,” who will come to get me, and receive me to Himself. {1 Peter 54:4}. The LORD “IS...” moment by moment  my Shepherd. He “IS” committed to you for all eternity! The LORD “IS,”…Present, Permanently, Personally, Powerful, Providing, grace upon grace, moment by moment, He “IS” with you! That’s my Shepherd! The LORD who “IS…”

 * Talk to yourself the truth , The Lord IS your Present tense Shepherd who is with you as you read this and wherever you go. He is with you. Praise Him for His Truth, He is present. It is not dependent on your “feelings,”  your “performance,”but on His faithfulness! THANK Him for who He has made Himself to be to and for you. The LORD who “IS…” TRUST the proven love of the Shepherd for you!

Where is the LORD now? Based on his Word, you can confidently say,

The LORD “IS” presently and permanently with me!

“The LORD IS my Present Tense Shepherd…I shall not want!”

* Tell someone about the Shepherd today