How wonderful we can turn and talk to the Shepherd and ask Him to do what we cannot do ourselves, “make me lie down in green pastures.” During seasons of chronic illness and debilitaing pain, He alone can bring me to the place of rest, for my soul is troubled, my mind is tired, my nerves are raw and the lack of sleep is exhausting, and the difficulty in reading. This is no problem for Him. He, my Shepherd, brings back to my mind verses I have read years earlier for my soul to chew on, digest, appropriate and I by looking to Him and trusting Him to do what He delights to do, is able to do, and as my SHEPHERD- Makes me lie down in my heart and feed on the green pastures of His Word, to help during this time of duress.

The LORD is my Shepherd. It is Impossible for me to lack what I need because of His character. His Promises. His Power to implement those promises to my tired, tired sick body and weary mind, in the midst of this debilitating disease. The good thing? I am in a place where He alone has to meet me. I cannot meet myself. I do not have the resources.  “But God…” He can meet all of my needs and to have Him help me, make me- lie down in green pastures- to give me rest of heart and mind, is right up His alley way. For The LORD is my Shepherd, I  cannot lack…He makes me lie down in green pastures,”  This He is, to all His.

Do you need rest of heart and mind? Ask The Shepherd to help you rest! He is the Good Shepherd, who is intimately acquainted with you, and will tenderly nurse you and care for you. He will never have you go at anyone else’s pace, but the pace He enables you to go at. He knows your need. He tenderly, affectionately, cares for you and is able to do for you, what you cannot do for yourself, which is to impart rest of heart and mind. “He makes me to lie down in green pastures.” Sheep are easily intimidated, and scared, and the Good Shepherd knows our tendencies, and He provides Himself and His Word to grant us rest. And when we cant “feel,” we can rest, He “makes us lie down.” He imparts peace of mind and for our hearts. He imparts a verse of Hope to encourage, comfort us!

Our feelings do not negate His Loving care and power to provide, for “The LORD is my Shepherd I cannot want, He makes me to lie down in Green pastures,” of His Word. If you never knew restlessness, trouble, you would never would be a candidate to experience the tenderness and graciousness of the Shepherd’s rest.

Your need is His opportunity to provide rest of soul and mind.

Pray, “Lord, Shepherd me and make me to lie down, in my heart, impart Your peace for this moment….” and HE WILL. It is who He is and what He does for us…impart rest to our mind and heart’s. The cessation of troubles within…and imparting of peace, that surpasses all understanding. “He makes me to lie down…” in a place of emotional and spiritual security.

My predicament is His opportunity!
YOUR Predicament is His opportunity!