“He GIVES Strength to the Weary.” – Isaiah 40-29-31

The word “weary,” speaks of faint, exhausted.” Be it emotionally or spiritually. THE GOODNESS In the LORD, Hope is found there. Competent Hope- The LORD does not ostracize the weary but He embraces and suppllys for them. He supplies “strength”, He will ” gain new ” {Chalaph can convey the idea of changing clothes, taking off the old and putting on the new. In context of Isa 40:31 the meaning is figurative and speaks of “taking off” our weakness and exchanging it for God’s strength.” . -{preceptaustin}. It is  new, renewal of strength to endure, strength to rise, strength in exchange for weakness that is deteriorating! God’s power knows no weakness, deterioration. He created and upholds the world by the power of His Word. He shatters enemies and empowers weak, frail humans with it. It is an enduring power.  “In the overwhelming majority of occurrences (of koah), the reference is either to the power of God or to the strength he gives to human beings. With God are knowledge, power, and glory. God’s power is incomparable. Unlike human strength, which is barely existent and which is shattered by the experience of inadequacy, real power is demonstrated through God’s koah – ” (TDOT 7:128).

The Theological Lexicon of the OT writes that…the chief meaning…may best be defined as “vital power” (the dead are described in Job 3:17 as “bereft of power”). Thus “koah,” means the human capacity to reproduce (Ge 49:3) … ordinarily, however, it refers to the physical power of an animal (Job 39:11Pr 14:4) or a person (of the human hand, Job 30:2; of the arm, Is 44:12; of a people, Josh 17:17). Mental power is also often intended (Ge 31:6Isa 40:3149:4;), so that koah (often in conjunction with “to retain”) can develop the meaning “competence, suitability, capability” in later literature (Chron, Dan). One’s power is concretely manifested in one’s material wealth (Job 6:22Pr 5:10Ezra 2:69; of the people’s military and economic reserves, Hos 7:9).”

This is the “strength He gives! Divine capability in exchange for the frailty of human weakness! 

“Will Gain  New” We exchange, like a cloak, taking off your weakenss and exchanging it for GOD’ S strenght! God imparts. God exchanges. He gives us His strength for our weakness’s. When we “wait”- the word speaks of “hoping in confident expectation” upon the LORD, He takes and exchanges our emotional, physical spiritual weakness, and exhaustion and imparts His strength that strengthens us to be abel to be about His business!

Fortner writes,“renew” means “change”– We find our strength only in Christ! We have none in ourselves! But the word also means “renew.” They shall constantly have renewed strength, as they trust Christ–To Do His Will! To Labor in His Vineyard! To Resist the Devil! To Overcome Temptation! To Bear their Trials! To Endure Hardship! To Help the Brethren!  (Isaiah 40:27-31 Hope Thou In God!) “

* What a Provider He is.
* What Power He manifests.
* What a Promise He can fulfill
* What a Person He is


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