…what provision there is in Jesus for the “weary…” and His invitation to us all, is “Come to Me, all you who are WEARY and heavy laden… and I WILL GIVE… and you will Find REST…”{Matt 11:28-30}.

The word “weary,” – . {“Kopiao”} describes the weariness which follows when you exert all your energies and the weariness that results from straining and using all you have. Figuratively, it speaks of becoming emotionally fatigued, discouraged, losing heart as a result or to give up! It is written grammatically here in the “present tense” and shows one who is habitually weary, tired, spiritually exhausted and ready to give up, throw in the towel and quit! They are beat! They are beat up and beaten down and fatigued from trying to live up to the standards of others which are unattainable to “achieve” some spiritual goal which is humanly impossible. While the religious wore them down producing weariness. Jesus steps forward to them and you and says “COME TO ME, ALL YOU WHO ARE WEARY AND HEAVY LADEN AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST.” The call is to a Person, the conditions, Come and submit and receive from Him the opposite of the tyranny of emotional and spiritual weariness but rest. Heart, refreshing rest to you from Him!

There is no one who champions the “weary” like the LORD Jesus. Whether it be His coming and call to the “weary” to come to Him and find rest, or for the believer such as Paul praying for other believer’s to be inwardly strengthened Christ at Home in their hearts, and that He would assure them and show them His love for them. Christ champions the weary ones. He is concerned, cares passionately and so tenderly and treats them with courtesy, {for Love is never rude – 1 Cor 13:47} }. He is for them, He knows their and our frame. He is our “Great{Superior} High priest” who “empathizes” {“feels the very feelings we feel,”}. How wonderful He knows, as a Man what it was like, to live on this earth, He can identify with us in our temptations and trials, for He knew the full force and never succumbed so he could fulfill the Law’s demands so we would not die in our sin . He intercedes for us. The weary ones included. He doesn’t “drive,” His sheep, but “leads them in the way of righteousness for His Name sake.” He is called the “Good” Shepherd. The Word “Good,” can be translated “Beautiful…” How beautiful and Kind, considerate, tender He is. He is the Provision for us,.. the weary!

If you are weary, Christ is your answer. He calls you to come to Him and He as you “take His yoke upon you” which speaks of submission to Him, you will receive heart rest. Peace with God, and then the peace of God which surpasses all understanding shall guard your heart and mind in Christ.- {Phil 4:7}. Take hope, if you are weary, emotionally, spiritually from religious burdens, He bids you come to impart rest. If you are weary, emotionally worn down as His own, He bids you come by faith and receive from Him rest in exchange for your weariness. Why would we hold onto our weariness when He wants us to come to Him and receive from Him as we submit to Him, rest. Good news…Christ is for you…

Christ Is For The Weary!