New strength, God given strength, received by faith. He knows our fears, our feeling and our frailty, and He assures us He GIVES, and there is no end to this giving, no drought of resources with Him, for His Omnipotent supply knows no end, for like Him it is eternal, as He is the source and supply He is the very fountain of goodness and refreshment and strengthening to the “weary” ones.


In Isaiah 40:29, – He gifts strength for “the weary.” The Hebrew word,” weary,” means “faint, exhausted, especially emotionally and spiritually…”- our weariness, is not a disqualification but an awareness and acknowledgment to Him that we are frail, But He is God,… We acknowledge our need of Him and look to Him to supply our need of strength when we are weary, exhausted, or in praying for others who are in that place.

“Yes Jesus loves me… the Bible tells me so…. Jesus said- “Come to ME,ALL you who are WEARY and heavy laden and I WILL GIVE you REST…” There is emotional and spiritual healing and heart rest for the weary found exclusively in JESUS. Now, that is Hope for the weary…The weariness here speaks of someone who is emotionally and spiritually exhausted, and the word meant to  be “beaten!” Beaten down! And Jesus says, “Come to Me and I will give you rest… and you will find Rest.” Jesus is the Reservoir for the weary to be rejuvenated with the rest Christ alone can impart!


Eph 3:12-14- Inwardly strengthened. Weariness is an inside job. It is internal, exhaustion, weariness, beaten down and ready to quit and throw in the towel. There is a depletion of strength to continue on. The weariness, both emotional and spiritual has taken it’s tole. And so the strengthening must come from within. The Spirit of God who hoovered over the chaos in Genesis one and brought order out of the chaos and who can inwardly bring order, strength, perspective is able to inwardly strengthen you to see clearly and to follow wholeheartedly in dependence upon the LORD. Spiritual strength is needed to live a spiritual life, newness of life!

Paul prayed for the “weary” in Eph 3:13-21- to be inwardly strengthened... and to know experimentally the love of Christ…” Jesus provides heart rest, Jesus strengthens, , Jesus reveals His love, FOR “THE WEARY ONE THEY NEED INWARDLY TO BE STRENGTHENED and Paul prays they need to be able to “comprehend … and know experimentally, the height, the depth, the breath, the length of the love of God in Christ for them. ” The weary need to know they are loved. Love elevates. Paul was strengthened to trust in the love of Christ for him. {Gal 2;20}. Love elevated, empowers, and for us to trust and testify of Jesus Christ! Paul prays this and concludes with this end, “To Him who is ABLE TO DO the exceeding abundant beyond all we can think or ask, to Him be the GLORY.” He wants the weary ones to be strengthened, Christ at home in their hearts, comprehending and experimentally knowing that Jesus loves them and to the end? His GLORY! In their height of weariness, exhaustion how easy it is for the “weary” one to be tempted to doubt the LORD loves them. Paul prays for the weary that He would do something experientially that they would know, HE LOVES THEM!! What a great prayer to prayer for someone you know who is weary, exhausted, emotionally, spiritual, beaten down.{ Eph 3:13-21}

Your WEARINESS, OR THAT OF ANOTHER WHOM YOU PRAY FOR, CAN BE THE MEANS OF A WONDERFUL BOUQUET of GOD’S GRACE- A TESTIMONY TO HIS LOVE AND PROVISION…the Provision of God meeting you or another and He being glorified as a result. Weariness… can end well… as He meets, transforms and supplies and assures you, or the one you are praying for … of the NEW STRENGTH, PROMISE OF STRENGTH, LOVE THAT ELEVATES, INWARDLY STRENGTHENING. Your weariness as difficult as it is, is but an opportunity for God to exchange weariness for His provision for the WEARY, which ends in His glory and testifying to Him who loves you!

God’s Strength Is Imparted To The Weary. Bring Your Weariness To Him and allow Him To Impart His Strength

Your Weariness Does Not Nullify God’s Imparting Strength For You!