Everyone exercises trust, reliance in something or someone, and like the man who built his house upon the sand when the storms came, great was it’s destruction for he had built on a foundation which Jesus said was “foolish.” He had built his life upon that which was not stable, and able to withstand the great testings, for his foundation was not built on the Word of God. To “build” your life, decision making, on anything other than His word, Jesus says is “foolish,” and will end in utter destruction. Jesus said the man who built his foundation on the rock, which He compared to His Word was “wise.”

There are two types of people ultimately who build their lives by faith. One is compared to a “wise” person, the other “foolish.” The difference is the foundation. His Word is the solid foundation, eternally so, and is “wise,” to build the foundation of  one’s life on anything or anyone else, is “foolish,” when it comes to your life. Your eternity is at stake!

Could you imagine building your house on sand? It would be madness, there is no stability. In the spiritual realm more so, eternally so, to your own peril to refuse to submit and build upon the Word of God. It was the storm that revealed the condition of the foundation.-{Matthew 7:24-25}.

Everyday we make decisions and over time there is a pattern. To build your life, goals, pursuits on anything other than the Word of God is “foolish.” It has eternal consequences. To be “wise,” is to build your life on the wisdom of God, as revealed in His Word.

What choices we make, reveal the foundation we are building upon and where our hope and value is placed!