Pray… The alternative is to spiritually collapse…- ( Read Luke 18:1)

The temptation is to entice us to turn aside from prayer as it connects us to God…and the evil one does not seek our good but our destruction. God desires our good and He tells us to pray, keep on praying, lest we “faint” – spiritually collapse … He says it because He loves us and warns us of the danger to choose not to hear and obey His loving command and counsel -(Read Luke 18:1) …

Troubled? Talk to Him!

Tested? Talk to Him!

Tempted? Talk to Him’

Sad? Talk to Him!

Overwhelmed? Talk To Him!

Happy? Talk to Him!

See something beautiful? Talk to Him!

Concerned? Talk to Him!

Thankful? Talk to Him!

Souls? Talk to Him!

Anything and everything … Nothing too small or too big that you cannot Talk to Him about, because He cares what concerns you!-{ Read 1 Peter 5:7}

Chewing on thoughts over and over and not not Talking to and Trusting Him with, will end up with spiritually fainting !!

What to do if this is where you or I find ourselves presently? Good news. We can TALK TO HIM!! Thank God we can TALK TO HIM! “Be anxious about nothing but in EVERYTHING by PRAYER…”- ( Phil 4:6)

As you turn thoughts, circumstances, into prayer, you will not only be praying without ceasing but you will be expressing love to Him by choosing to obey His command. -(Read John 14:21,23}…and it will keep you from losing heart and spiritually fainting! But what if you are presently “fainting?” Good news – immediately, right now, there is no delay, no take a number, but immediately, instantaneously you can TURN TO HIM and TALK TO HIM! “…For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayer, “-{Read 1 Peter 3;12}! That’s God, as well as good news!

Prayer is not only a Privilege but a PRESERVATIVE from succumbing to spiritually fainting and losing heart! And Jesus taught that we are to PERSEVERE PRAYING…”…ought ALWAYS to Pray,” or as some translations say “AT ALL TIMES.” So whatever time it is, it is an appropriate Time to Pray:) It is an attitude of unbroken fellowship with Him, ready, willing and turning thoughts, trials, good times, bad times, any time, any occasions to TALK TO HIM;) What it DOES NOT MEAN IS…that you are secluded and 24 hours a day you are praying … But what IT DOES MEAN IS… You have an attitude towards God and life…That you turn thoughts, situations, people, into opportunities to pray, persistently so. It is a personal relationship with God, afforded to you through the finished work of the Lord Jesus. Your permanent access to God is a privilege, it cost Jesus Christ His life…, so you may enjoy the privilege of Talking to Him!-“And so, dear brothers and sisters, we can boldly enter heaven’s Most Holy place because of the blood of Jesus.”-{ Heb 10:19}

The Verse {Luke 18:1} teaches to continue praying, and not grow weary, give up or faint, though the answer does not come quickly…PERSEVERE.

Pray or spiritually Pass Out! The Incentive? Who it is speaking! It is the Lord Jesus, and He is Coming Again!

… IT IS A PRESERVATIVE FOR YOU not to spiritually Faint.

Thank Him, Praise Him, TRUST HIM and TALK TO HIM!

“AND He spoke also a parable to them, that we ought always to pray, and not to faint,”-{Luke 18:1}.