Love Is A Choice…At Times A Choosing Against Hurts, The Temptation To Withdraw, Be Bitter, To Return Evil With Evil. It Is A Choice To Lay Aside Your Life, through Denying Self, Laying Aside Your Preferences, To Prefer Others, Serve Them Sacrificially, Unconditionally, Seeking Their Highest good, And Seeking Nothing In Return, Doing So, “…For Jesus SAKE.” Love Is A Choice!

Love Is A Reflection Of Belonging To God…”For God SO LOVED…” YOU… “He Gave….'” When You Truly Love, You Give Yourself, For The Highest Good Of The Other Person…It Is Not A Matter of “Feeling,” But Of Loving Submission To The Lord Jesus Who Loved You And Gave Himself Up For You… and manifested in denying self to prefer others, for their sake, expecting or seeking nothing in return, but their highest good, “…For Jesus sake!” 

Speak The Truth To Yourself;
* I LOVE – BECAUSE He First Loved me…{Read 1 John 4:19}
* I GIVE – Because He Gave Himself For Me… {Read Gal 2:20}
* I CAN – Do ALL things Through Christ Who Infuses Me With Strength… Including To Love…. {Read Phil 4:13}
* I AM – Empowered To Love…Because The Spirit Of God Resides Within Me to Empower Me. Now I must CHOOSE to Love! I Can Choose To Love. {Read Gal 5:22}.

* NO ONE–  Outside Of Me Can STOP me From Loving Others -{Read Matt 5:46-47; Luke 6:27-28; Gal 2:20; Gal 5:22}

To Love Others Does Not Guarantee You Will Be Loved Back, As Painful As That May Be. If you are only loving others so that they may love you, then it is not Godly love but selfish love, seeking selfish gain, using others for self! The Motivation To Love is Higher, Purer… “…For Jesus Sake,” I Do Choose To Love Others For You, LORD! -{ Read 2 Cor 4:5}

Love Is A Choice– Today Will Offer Me And You Opportunities To Choose Love For Self, Or Love For Christ!

The One We Are Pre-occupied With Will Be The One We Will Chose To Follow…

Today Choose To Love, For Jesus SAKE. {Read 2 Cor 4:5}

“Let All that you do be done in Love.” -{1 Cor 16:14}