Words… “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”- LIE! Name-calling can have a devastating effect and crush the spirit, and when these lies are embraced as “truth” they can cause great pain and despair…words like…”Idiot”…”stupid…” “reject”…”failure…”useless”…comparisons like, “why can’t you be like…”…”why can’t you ever do anything right?… Words and phrases that all say – there is something wrong with you- You Don’t measure up- There is something DEFICIENT with you…
Such was the attack on the believers at Colosee- words were been used to say there was something wrong with their salvation- there was something wrong with their Savior Jesus Christ neither He nor their salvation was sufficient.

Paul combats the lies with TRUTH and DECLARES what God says about them!!!!
I have 5 glorious words for you from God, your maker, redeemer and “words” which are true of you, ”In Christ.” Words that are not fantasy, or wishful thinking, but eternal, uplifting, to be embraced, and acted upon. You are whom He says you are, Consider with me your identity this day for who you truly are…“ I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM.”


1.- He says YOU are – “COMPLETE”-The word speaks of Fullness and  means  Lit, you have been made full In Him. It is  the state of ,NO DEFICIENCY!- (Col 2:10) You lack nothing In Him!

2.-He says YOU are – “FORGIVEN”-The word means “to send away” it speaks of erasing. ALL , not some, or a few, but ALL in their totality of your sins have been erased from Heaven’s record of sin against you!- 2:14

3.- He says YOU are – “CHOSEN” the word means “to select from available alternatives.”  Before the foundation  of the world,{Eph 1:4 } before He spoke the world into existence He chose you for Himself!- 3:12

4.- He says YOU are- “HOLY”- He has “set you apart” for Himself and you stand pure and right before Him because of the work of Jesus Christ on your behalf!- 3:12

5.- He says YOU are “BELOVED.”- This term of endearment is what He called His SON when He opened the heavens and spoke, “This is My Beloved Son in whom I am well  pleased, listen{with the intent to obey} to Him.” In Ephesians 1:6 He says YOU are “ACCEPTED in the BELOVED.” YOUR “acceptance” IS BASED SOLELY ON THE WORK OF THE LORD JESUS ON YOUR BEHALF! -3:12,”. The Greek word agapao is used to speak of something that is beloved—treasured—something so precious that the person (in this case, God) would be loath to part with it.”-{sermon writer}


These 5 words of Comfort and Celebration
 should sink deep into your mind and heart and influence you to live , think and act in accordance with whom God  declare you to be!! LET THE TRUTH OF GOD- STABILIZE You Spiritually- so that you HONOR GOD by embrace  only His Word about you and can discern through His Word {Heb 5:13-14}….words!

The next time condemnation comes your way REMEMBER GOD’S DECLARATION about YOU which is irreversible and is not based on YOUR performance but on the Finished Work of the Lord Jesus Christ, YOUR Lord and SAVIOR….

God says YOU are 


Rest in His Word to you- Rejoice in His Word about you and SHARE the TRUTH of His Word with someone TODAY!

YOU are LOVED by GOD- the CROSS and RESURRECTION of the LORD JESUS CHRIST testifies these  5 WORDS are SO!

“So, as those who have been CHOSEN of God, HOLY and BELOVED… having FORGIVEN us ALL our transgressions…having nailed it to the CROSS.”- {Read Colossians 2:10. 3:12; 2:13-14}