It’s Not always about changing our Circumstances But advancing the Gospel IN the Circumstances we find ourselves in.

“Brothers I want you to know MY CIRCUMSTANCES have worked out to Advance{ further} the Gospel” -{ Phil 1:12.}.

It’s not that we don’t pray or act for circumstances to change but if God chooses not to, we can tend to drift and waste the circumstances we find ourselves in… waiting for the circumstances to change and wasting our opportunities in those circumstances we find ourselves in through wishing, dreaming, frustrated, angry, throwing in the towel in despair and indeed wasting our circumstances before us! Your Circumstances are your opportunity.

If we keep waiting for the perfect circumstances we will only see them when we see Him!

Paul while in prison wrote the above verse. What a wonderful verse for us all.

Instead of waiting for the perfect circumstance use your PRESENT Circumstances to advance the Gospel!

*** It’s not about waiting for your circumstance to change, but changing your THINKING, heart’s perspective so you will advance the Gospel in the Circumstances You presently find yourself in! Aligning yourself up with God’s desire for you in those circumstances, to advance His Gospel. This, Paul, did through Evangelizing others with the Gospel. {v14} and Encouraging other believers { v 14} to “speak the Word of God without fear.” And what did God use to encourage them to do so, Paul reveals “…because of my imprisonment.”  You may the person God uses in a difficult place to share the Good News of the Lord Jesus that can liberate people spiritually and encourage others too hold forth The Scriptures as the means to meeting their spiritual need! Our difficulties can vary in intensity and I WOULD NOT UNDERPLAY YOUR PRESENT PAIN, DIFFICULTY,  BUT WOULD GENTLY APPEAL YOU PRAY AND ASK HIM TO HELP YOU SEE that IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES, HE IS WITH YOU-{Heb 13:5} and that there is an ETERNAL Purpose… The advancing, furthering of the Gospel.

It’s Not always about changing your Circumstances But advancing the Gospel IN the Circumstances you find yourself in.  May God strengthen you in your circumstances and encourage you to see and seek the ADVANCEMENT of the Gospel in your CIRCUMSTANCES. I write this with prayer for you as you read to stay strong depending upon Him and further His Gospel,

“… ourselves your servants, FOR Jesus sake”- {2 Cor 4:5}