Prayer sometimes is Praise, Thanksgiving or…a Plea even from pain.

Ah Sovereign  LORD, You have made the heavens and earth by Your Great power and outstretched arm, NOTHING is too difficult for You.”– {Jer 32:17}.

 The word “Ah’ was used from a place of pain. But he does not stop there but in his pain he turns to Him and focus’s on His character, His might, His Sovereignty, the last five letters spell, “reign,” He rules over all. All things in subjection to Him and His mighty power. Jeremiah in His Pain focus’s on His Greatness, and ascribes worship to Him as he thinks on truth about Him, His character, and turns his thoughts into Praise and Prayer and a declaration, “nothing is too difficult for You!”

And as we turn to the New Testament we see how kind He is as He bids us come to Him who is on His Throne of grace, favor, kindness and Sovereignty. All powerful, yet empathetic and He bids us to come and receive from Him at His Throne of Grace, mercy, grace to help in time of need.{Read Heb 4:15-16}. I love the phrase “in time of need” which refers to “the needy ones,” are to come to receive good from Him in our time of need. How precious, tender, caring, thoughtful, considerate and loving is He towards… You… and all His own. COME TO HIM… You are always welcome at His Throne, always!

PRAY… ON... It is not futile to speak to Him who is caring and able! Remember His character and praise Him and talk to Him! He hears you and welcomes you at His Throne of Graciousness and Ability of The Sovereign King!