The temptation to quit praying comes to us in several ways such as-What we see as God’s Delay’s. Doubts about His care for us. Demonic thoughts that attack His goodness and ┬ácharacter as in the Garden of Eve, These three temptations, “reason” to our mind or through our view of circumstances tempting us to quit praying and trusting Him. Another thing we must prepare ourselves for is His choosing to do something different than what we asked. So…

BE PREPARED for A DIFFERENT ANSWER; Know He may have a DIFFERENT Answer. Remember Paul asked three times for the thorn to be removed.-{2 Cor 12:7-9}. God answered but not as Paul had requested. He answered with HIMSELF! “Sufficient for you is the Grace of ME,” is the way it is written, then He promises POWER is manifested in WEAKNESS. Paul accepted HIS Answer and GLORIED, for he knew in his weakness he was now a candidate and recipient of the POWER OF GOD to be unleashed to and though Him! When we pray “YOUR Name be honored, YOUR Kingdom come, YOUR will be Done…” and as we seek His glory then His answers are best, that doesn’t mean it excludes all difficulties and are not painful, as Paul’s “thorn” was, but it does mean He knows best and in His Wisdom, the answer may be DIFFERENT than what we had asked but knowing Himself as our sufficiency, His Grace our enabling moment by moment and DIFFERENT is maybe His best way for us to lean on Him,{ Read 2 Cor 1:9}; know Him better and for Him to DISPLAY Himself to us and THROUGH us for the Glory of His Name and others to benefit in their own “thorn,” knowing they are not alone. Remember we exist for Him not Him for us! THE DIFFERENT ANSWER REMEMBER, WAS OF ….DIVINE DOING!!!

These are a few thoughts that come to mind this morning as I write from a sick, painful place ,”But God…”….pray on…persevere knowing He cares… and enough to tell us failing to persevere will lead to “losing heart” and spiritually fainting.

Thank You Lord , You Care….

“… in my desperation I prayed and the LORD LISTENED…”-{Ps 34:6}….KEEP PERSEVERING and PRAY ON TO HIM WHO HEARS AND CARES…FOR YOU!