“Let not (grammatically means “stop allowing”) your hearts be troubled (agitated like the sea)…” {John 14:1}

Easy when someone says to you “don’t worry or don’t be troubled…” But it is who it is who says it to you. It could be well meaning friends but who are impotent in and of themselves to alleviate … But it was Jesus who said it before the troubles would really hit, as He would depart from them, be publicly tried it and  would appear be humiliated, defeated before them. And yet in the midst of His own upcoming trial and crucifixion He is concerned for OTHERS. He loves them to the end!  They had forgotten what He had said earlier that He must suffer and die and rise again … Troubles and evil would not triumph but Jesus Christ would! He told them to…

1. Stop allowing your hearts to he agitated as the sea and troubled WITHIN you. 
2. He reminds them they believe in God.
3. He exhorts them to keep on believing in Him.

Though they could not understand, and had forgotten what He had said, it did not Impair Him from doing His Father’s will and when out of fear they had scattered and locked themselves in a room, He would appear among them and His first words to them? “Peace.” Perhaps you are troubled today. Overwhelmed. Finding it hard to understand,”life.” His words are the same to you. Stop allowing your heart to be agitated and tossed like a turbulent sea. You have the power to do that and it is aided and strengthened as you change focus and Perspective unto God, His character, and keep entrusting yourself into the Person, promises and proof of the faithful resurrected Son of God. It is He who died and arose, and is the prince of Peace and “He Himself is our Peace.” – ( Eph 2:14).

Peace is a Person! He is Present. He is conqueror. He enable you for this present testing to trust Him and power to do so …Think on Him. Thank Him. Trust Him. TAKE YOUR Troubles to Him. He understands “troubles!” But how wonderful this moment we can be reminded of what He says,” We have a GREAT{Superior} High Priest, who EMPATHIZES, { means to feel the very feelings we feel} and we are to…come boldly to the THRONE OF GRACE to Receive mercy, grace to help in time of need” -{Heb 4}. How wonderful we have Someone who understands and is not offended, or distant or cold but empathizes and bids us come to Him to receive from His throne of power and Divine favor, mercy, grace to help us in time of need. How wonderful a Friend we have in King Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear. Be encouraged in your troubles, they have not taken Him by surprise or are too much for Him to empower you in  them and for them.

There is no power or trouble that has more power or equal power to Him!

No troubles you will encounter that His grace will not be sufficient for you. Your competency, sufficiency is in Him!-{2 Cor 3:6}.

He can deliver you from the trouble or empower you to endure triumphantly in the troubles with Him! You are never alone in your troubles. But like the disciples of old, we must realize and exercise faith and we choose to exercise the truth of this verse, speaking to ourselves… THINKING CORRECTLY on the TRUTH in our TROUBLES… and TRUSTING HIM Who is True and present and Triumphant and Wise. 

“Let not your hearts be troubled, you believe in God , Keep believing in Me,”- {John 14:1}