“…THE greatest among you will be your …SERVANT.” -{Matt 23:11-12}.
If you were to list five “great” people in your community, country, would you even think of a servant of Jesus Christ probably not, as we don’t tend to think that way, do we? We may have athletes, entertainers, wealthy people,the “powerful,” as ones who are to be looked to and envied and valued as “great!”
  We tend to view life the way the lost do,such as wanting to be number one, “top-dog,” “The man…” lauded, exalted, noticed, preferred, is how the worlds system clamors and fights for. To have others KNOW they exist for one glorious purpose, to serve you and your purposes, and know their place is that they exist to this end. Yet Jesus comes along and says to His own, true greatness from the Creator and Redeemer and One who upholds each life’s breath is… to choose to take the low place and not seek to be served but seek to serve. True greatness is not about self promotion but about choosing to take the bowl and towel and wash the feet of others. Servants live to serve others not self. True greatness? Who is the one who chooses to serve others? This one from the Lord’s perspective, which is the only one that counts. “The greatest among you is the servant.” The home, the job, school, work place, playing fields, sporting events attended, are all opportunities to live out true greatness, by choosing to prefer others and serve them.
 Paul wrote, “… Ourselves YOUR SERVANTS,for Jesus sake.” -{2 Cor 4:5}. He said they were there to serve others, and the motivation was “…for Jesus sake.” He was their audience, their goal and His glory their purpose in serving. Having Him as your goal in service will keep from bitterness when others do not respond, recognize your service, indeed when people treat you like a servant! The tendency can be to withdraw over hurt feelings, that can turn to anger, bitterness, resentment. The question to ask is “For whose sake am I doing this service for?” The religious of Jesus day loved to be seen, recognized and applauded and esteemed, they did it to be seen by others so they would be “praised.”But Paul tells us, “…ourselves your servants” which was their ministry, and then the Motivation,”…for Jesus sake.” Love for Him the motivation. Preferring others is a choice of love for the Savior ultimately and an expression of the love of the Savior through you when you choose to serve others for Jesus sake. We measure “greatness,” often from the worlds perspective and not the LORD’S view. We have to renew our mind and the way we think . “Think on truth… Practice the Truth “-{ Read Phil 4:8-9}. 
When we think of greatness, it is rarely considered in people serving others for Jesus sake. Just shows how far off we are and intoxicated with the worlds views of “greatness” that we “fight” to be acknowledged for their plaudits and to be considered “successful,” by their standards and fawn over their standards of “greatness,” and display our own world view is earthly and not Heavenly.
Be great today. How? Who is around you? Stop, think, and seek to serve them for Jesus sake, and in doing so you are truly great according to Him who died, buried, arose from the grave and sits in majesty upon High and in whom one day we will all face, and then “greatness” will be rewarded.
The truly “Great” among us are those who often are un-noticed, unheralded, taken for granted, dismissed, used, but who for Jesus sake lay down their lives one thought, one preferring of others, in serving them … motivated “….for Jesus sake.” A Servant of Christ does not wait to be served before they serve, nor do they keep on serving only if they are acknowledged for their service, which is nothing more than self seeking, self serving, and not serving others for Jesus sake! 
Sometimes we need to renew our minds and then do His Will.
Memorize, Meditate, Apply and Model…“..the greatest among you shall be your servant. Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.” -{Matt 23:11-12} 
Keep serving others for Him. Your Life counts. Be great in His Eyes! Your life IS counting. Your reward is coming, in His Presence. “Well done, good and faithful SERVANT.”

Keep being GREAT, one thought, one choice at a time, for Jesus sake!