Bowed down by the cares of life? Stressed? Just everything seems too much at times. Some of it can be self -inflicted, we pursue goals which may not be His according to His Word. Other times they are His goals but we find ourselves bowed down under the spiritual opposition we encounter, -{See Nehemiah 6:9}. Is there any hope? Psalm 145:14 ASSURES the fallen and bowed down that there is. It is only, exclusively in the LORD. He is the God of Hope {1 Peter 5:10} and He lifts up continuously all who are bowed down. The word “all” includes you. How precious and magnificent are His promises {Read 2 Peter 1:3-4}. The words” uphold,” or “sustainer,” the LORD in His greatness is able and upholding all who fall.

The picture is that those who have no power in themselves would sink under life’s burdens if it were not for Him. The contact of Divinity meeting the weakness of humanity! “Bowed down.” Here it is a particle the LORD Personally undertakes to continually, “He is lifting up,” He is the lifter up! All who are bowed under the cares trials burdens of life He is the Lifter up to empower them, strengthen them and to bear them without been destroyed by them.

When people disparagingly say Christianity is a “crutch,” indeed this passage teaches He is more than that. It is weak humanity leaning on the loving arm of Omnipotence!

You are not alone or forsaken! He is the LIFTER UP of those who are bowed down. Your condition presently is His opportunity. Look to Him. Ask for help…He is your Lifter Up. Think of what He did to stoop, condescend to this earth that you might know Him. He condescends to the bowed down, not to pulverize but to lift out of the miry pit of sin and satan’s clutches. And you His child, will He not freely, lovingly aid you in this time of pain and hurt?

The demoniac was bowed down under the cruelty of satan, Paul under the Thorn, yet the LORD upheld, sustained and lifted them up with deliverance, In Paul’s case power to endure triumphantly for Christ sake. -{2 Cor 12:9-11}. He is the One who continually is our Lifter up! His heart is one of kindness, wisdom, empowering for the afflicted, and that includes you. “Love LIFTED me, Love lifted me, when nothing else could do, LOVE LIFTED ME….” And His Love continually lifts us. Meditate upon these verse and praise Him, share them with someone else…

He is a Loving Father, and He is the lifter up of your heart, to inject courage, comfort, faith to continue living to love Him and others.

Your Difficulty, is His opportunity to reveal Himself and care to you and experience His power to Uphold, Sustain you and the ability to testify personally of the LORD to …others…

“The LORD is trustworthy in ALL He promises and faithful in ALL He does.

The Lord upholds ALL who fall and lifts up ALL who are bowed down.”- ( Psalm 143:13-14)